As a homeowner, you have to keep looking for trending home improvements to make your home even more comfortable. Your home is a getaway where you retreat every day, and as such, you should not spare expense to make it cozy and elegant. One of the best techniques you can choose is the installation of wood exterior shutters.  While outdoor shutters have been around for centuries, many homeowners today have not leveraged their functionality. Wood shutters offer a touch of classic style while also serving other functions.   If you have picked custom wood window shutters, this is the best home improvement decision you could have made.

But how do you get started? In this article, you will learn more about wood shutters and the crucial decisions you have to make before ordering your window shutters. Keep reading.

Why Wood Shutters?

Of course, there are other types of outdoor shutters but wood window shutters have the edge over them all. Take a look:

i. Exquisite beauty: Natural wood oozes irresistible beauty and this is the touch you add to your property. Compared to other shutter materials in the market, wood offers more in terms of aesthetics and your windows instantly become the focal point of your home’s exterior décor.

ii. Protection: Wood shutters are sturdy and offer enhanced privacy and protection against adverse weather.

iii. Ease of use: Plantation wood shutters are easy to use and they come in different sizes to allow natural light and free air flow through the windows.

iv. Ease of customization: Wood shutters are easy to customize to suit the overall decor of your home. You can use extremely vibrant colors to make your windows the focal points of your property.

v. Durability: Wood is one of the most durable building materials and when properly treated, it can last long without any need for regular maintenance.

What to Consider When Buying Wood Shutters

If you want to get the best out of your wood shutters, it is essential to go for custom products. It is easier to achieve the esthetic’s appeal you desire for your home when you customize your window shutters. Custom wood shutters are easy to install and they perfectly blend with the rest of the exterior décor.

If you have decided on custom wood shutters, the following are crucial factors you have to consider:

1. Consider The Climate In Your Area

wood shutters climate

It is important to appreciate the impact different weather conditions can have on different types of woods used in shutter construction. If you have lived in the same area for some time, you already know the kind of weather to expect and as such, you need to go for the appropriate wood shutters. For instance, in humid conditions, natural wood shutters will not work perfectly as the wood can warp leading to problems when opening and closing the shutters.

Warping also affects the overall appearance of the installation and of course the shutters will not serve most of the expected functions. To protect against the effects of high humidity, you can opt for composite wood shutters which serve the same purpose but last longer. Hardwoods work best in a dry climate but remember even in such conditions, some humidity is required to prevent your shutters from breaking. It is advisable to talk to your home contractor to determine the best type of wood to choose for your outdoor shutters to avoid damage later.

2. Consider The Shutter Style

It is true wood shutters bring some incredible benefits to your home but you need to choose the right style for this to happen. Among the most common shutter styles are louvered, paneled, board and batton (BnB) and Bahama shutters.  Now for each of these shutter style, you need to choose the perfect framing and divider rails to achieve your purpose. Among the framing options available are:

i. Cafe shutters: They only cover half the window and give a clear view at eye level.

ii. Full shutters: They are the most common and open as one panel just like your windows.

iii. Double hung shutters: These open at the top and bottom separately and are a unique style in the market. The versatile shutter styling gives you more control over air and light control.

iv. Divider rails: If you want a more flexible shutter style, you can go for divide rails which allows you to open the bottom and upper louvers of your shutters separately.

All these styles have their pros and cons and it is up to you to consider which one suits your home improving needs. Take time to look at many shutter framing and mounting styles to find the perfect one for your home.

3. Consider The Type Of Windows You Have

As a rule of thumb, the wood shutters you choose must work seamlessly with the windows already installed. The greatest blunder homeowners make is the failure to consider the type of windows before ordering custom wooden exterior shutters. Ultimately, the installation looks clumsy over the windows and diminishes the overall exterior appearance of the property.

Consider the window trim, frame shape and the tilt of your windows. The type of mounting will depend on the windows; for instance, if you have no decorative molding around your window, an outside mount for the wood shutters works best. Your contractor will help you make the best choice by considering the mounting options available.

4. Louver Sizes

Louver Sizes

When choosing wood shutters, you have to consider the size of louvers.  Larger louvers work best if you want a clear view and better flow of air. For smaller windows, go for small louvers to get a seamless look.

Other important things to consider when ordering custom wood shutters include the type of lift system, functionality of the window shutters, and overall look of your interior and exterior décor among others. Take time to consider available wood shutter styles in the market and narrow down on one that suits your style and functional needs. Make sure to consider the quality of the material and correct sizing.

Go ahead now and order the best custom wood exterior shutters and give your home that much needed makeover.

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