Making a roof out of metal has many benefits. There are a couple of interesting facts that prove that a metal roof can stand out from the crowd. This material has increased in demand in the residential market each year. It provides superb energy efficiency, modern exterior style, and ease of installation. If you want to make a roof or replace an old one, a metal roof could be the ideal solution. Here, we will discuss the seven benefits of a metal roof for your home.

What is a metal roof?

Before we dive further into the benefits of owning a metal roof, let’s define what a metal roof is first. Contrary to usual asphalt roofs, metal roofs are built out of, and you have guessed it, metal. The materials in question could be:

  • tin
  • steel
  • copper
  • zinc
  • hybrid metal mixtures

All of the materials above are finished with a special coating that prevents rust, prevents heat, and prevents moisture damage. Unlike its counterpart, metal roofs are not comprised of large sheets of asphalt, although some can mimic this look. When it comes to looks, roofs made out of metal are considered a very interesting and modern approach that has an ever-growing army of followers.

One of the best benefits of a metal roof is being fire-resistant

When it comes to conventional roofing methods, asphalt roofs can come short in a couple of aspects. This is where metal roofing comes in. Firstly, a metal roof is more resistant than an asphalt one. Strong winds can cause an asphalt roof to crack and lift the tiles up, leaving them scattered throughout the backyard. However, metal roofs prove more resistant to this kind of damage. When the storm comes in, you will not have to worry much about the metal roof’s durability.

On the other hand, the traditional roof also lacks a good fire-resistant option. Aside from fiberglass variants, there is not much fire resistance that it can provide. Meanwhile, its counterpart has good resistance to fire and other elements. One thing is for sure – no matter which type of roof you opt for, you will need to perform frequent roof inspections. More precisely, you will need to hire experts for this.

Metal roof tiles
Metal roofs are fire-resistant and heatproof

Metal roof is eco-friendly and last longer

If you are constantly worried about being eco-friendly, you don’t have to be anymore. Metal roofs are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. In most cases, the manufacturers are making them out of recycled materials. In addition, their repair process is relatively cheap. Rather than completely throwing parts or the whole roof away, you can prolong its lifespan and use recycled materials. The life cycle of a metal roof depends mainly on the metal in use. A well-installed roof can last around 25 to 50 years. Metal roofs made of copper and zinc can last over 100 years.

Bird on the roof shingles
One of the biggest benefits of a metal roof for your home is that it last longer

Light and easy to install are benefits of a metal roof

There is no doubt about it – metal roofs are easy to install. Due to their lightweight nature, they are easier to handle. They are ten to twenty times lighter than their concrete counterparts. They are comprised of smaller panels that can fit into a bigger picture, which makes them easy to handle. This makes the installation and maintenance process a breeze. 

Making your home energy-efficient

Looking to optimize the use of energy in your home? Studies have shown that having a metal roof can decrease energy use by 15% in winter and 40% in summer. Your household will have to pay less for heating and electricity during the year – an excellent way to optimize your utility budget.

On top of that, metal roofs are protected by layers that can reflect up to 50-60 % of the heat waves coming their way. Instead of just absorbing all that heat as the asphalt roof does, metal ones enable your house to be heat and sun-protected. This makes energy efficiency one of the best benefits of a metal roof in your home.

Cost efficiency is one of the main benefits of a metal roof for your home

Metal roofs are not cheap. They are more expensive than their asphalt counterpart. It is estimated that the cost of a square foot of a metal roof is roughly five times more expensive than a square foot of an asphalt one. But there is a catch. The life expectancy of asphalt roof tiles is 20 years. Comparing that to the life expectancy of a solid metal roof, you will conclude that it is more cost-efficient to own a roof made out of metal. Yes, you need to spend more money initially, but in the long run, you will probably need to replace your traditional roof tiles and shingles 3 to 5 times in the life cycle of a single metal roof.

Person holding a one-dollar bill
Owning a metal roof is cost-efficient


The benefits of a metal roof for your home can be many. They range from fire and other element resistances to ease of installation, maintenance, and handling. Although not cheap when buying, it becomes very cost-efficient in the long run. Depending on the metal it is made of, their lifespan can vary and even go up to an astonishing 100 years. When it comes to choosing, a metal roof is always a good, reliable, and in the long term, cheaper solution to providing your house with a solid roof.

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