In the human world, there are no escaping trends!  If we try to stay unaffected by trends, from the shade of paint to trending accents online such as furniture, we are influenced by a broad trend

With the onset of the new season in 2020, we are observing new emerging trends.  Indeed, these trends are so enticing they make us want to refurbish our home interiors right away.

While it is incredible to witness the change and evolution in home interior accessory trends, the pace of change is different.  Some patterns might still come as a surprise, while others are obvious and forever.

Winter has gone; it’s time to leave the cozy bedroom and be a little outdoorsy.  Spend quality bonding time with your family in the living room.  To make it a more suitable place to sit, you need better space design accents. 

So, if you are a lover of designing interiors with emerging trends, this post is for you!  Read on to discover what home interior trends are ruling 2020.

1. Vintage accents

There is an old saying; trends are recyclable.  So, be it clothes fashion or home décor fashion, vintage accents are never off-the-table!  Besides, when it comes to the interior re-fashioning of your home, never forget that the older, the better! 

Although previous seasons or previous years have witnessed the application and usage of vintage accessories, from 1800 or early 1900 to 2020, still they dangle the dream of detailing items like spooled legs and spindles.  Vintage accents are an excellent option but professionals advise not to go overboard, just one or two pieces will work fine.

2. Color-popping cabinets

You might have witnessed a non-colored kitchen for almost two decades, especially with shades of white.  If the predictions by professional designers are to be believed, in 2020 there will be a shift that goes beyond the whites and neutral colors.  The idea is to use structured, 3D or printed wallpaper, of color blocking cabinets and walls.

The cabinet’s color can range from bold colors, such as dark red, bright yellow, green or navy blue.  So, be ready to leave behind the trend of an all-white kitchen and adopt bold designs in the kitchen to make your visitor’s mind go gaga about your designer accents for home ideas.

3. Canopy beds

Canopy beds were intended to offer privacy and warmth, and were all the rage for their royal, sumptuous design.  Typically, these beds are four poster and feature drapes on all sides, which are often finished with tassels to add a little drama. 

However, modern canopy beds don’t need heavy drapes, which is why they are becoming a trend in the modern era.  These beds are going to make a statement in your bedroom.  Besides, now would be the perfect time to manifest your regal canopy bed dreams into reality. 

4. Patina accents

If you had your eye on just vintage accents then hold on for a second; look for a patina accent!  If you have never heard of it, then it is defined as a ‘weathered’ look.

It can be in the form of rust, scratches or corrosion and is often reflected in the furniture and décor.  It gives a lovely vibe altogether.  You may prefer a wooden armchair, a leather sofa or a metal accent to give a sense of history, age and character to home accents.

While incorporating the magic of patina into your home, it can be used in fun ways to mix-and-match interior designs.  For instance, it would be a great idea to pair a wooden patina coffee table with metal or glossy glass décor.  If you are looking for affordable accents, patina accents are a classy idea.

5. Antique art

Antiques are unique and never go out of fashion or trend.  But 2020 is going to be the year of antiques.  People admire items with authenticity and a story to it.  Though antiques can be a cynosure anywhere in the house, it really can spruce up your kitchen.  On the flip side, remember to add smaller antiques to the kitchen; do not pick an antique cooking device to level down the functionality of your kitchen.  Accomplish the purpose by hanging antique items in the kitchen or using open shelves to display items, exhibiting your taste and personality.

6. Wicker furniture

It is a collective term used to define woven furniture, such as cane, rattan, reed, seagrass and bamboo.  Not only does wicker furniture have a modern outlook, it also serves many purposes.  Lightweight furniture options, such as wicker or rattan, can easily be moved from one point to another, which is an excellent option for your home.

Wicker furniture is less porous and can be cleaned with a gentle vacuum or a dry towel.  It comes in so many designs and attractive patterns.  With eco-friendly features and being low maintenance, it is even more desirable as one of the accents in interior home designs.

 7. Abstract artwork

The inspiration for these free-spirited interior trends has come from abstract expressionist artwork.  With intriguing and eye-catching geometry and playful blocks of color, this artwork brings personality to our homes. 

Such modern accents for a home serve to create a different mood and evoke an emotion.  This illustration is an imperfect yet fluid celebration of hand-drawn forms. 

When it comes to usage and application, abstract artwork will make a statement anywhere in your house.  The eye-catching designs exhibit artistic flair of this new trend.

Final words

Our desire for a sustainable way of life is never-ending.  Trends in interior accents will bring you close to your family, friends or colleagues.  So, if you intend to buy such accents online, ‘The Khazana’ is your ally for a reliable purchase. 

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