Spring is approaching, and so is the priceless time we spend with family and friends relaxing in our backyard. It would be a shame to waste a minute of that beautiful mild weather that is coming on arranging that area when that could have been done months in advance. Therefore, here are some creative ways to prepare your outdoor living space for spring.

Be creative when it comes to the entrance to your backyard

The front door should be the grandest of all the house doors. But don’t forget that before they reach the actual house. People face your gate first. That can also be an element of your home’s exterior that serves the purpose of wowing everyone visiting you. Your garden gate can be many different things. To decide what kind of gate style to adopt, you must consider what impression you want your home to make. Romantic souls may think about bombastic archways coated with various flowers and vining plants. The ones that are more introverted and prefer their yard hidden from the eyes of the world are probably better off with a menacing and tall metal gate that fully protects their privacy. All materials and designs are generally allowed, so let your imagination loose.

A brown wooden gate with concrete stairs
Your garden gate can be as creative as the rest of your yard.

To prepare your outdoor living space for spring, you must give it a good cleaning first

No outdoor living space can ever become anything but a messy junkyard unless you clean it properly first. Choose a day when the land is dry and the weather is decently favorable, and organize a pre-spring yard cleaning. You’ll need to clear out the space first by removing junk. The first obstacle you may encounter here is that the definition of junk may vary among your family members. For example, a husband may think his newly acquired second-hand lawn mower is gold which only needs a bit of adjusting. On the other hand, the wife can consider it a pile of scrap metal and plastic that looks ugly as it stands beside her rose bed. Sit together as a family and talk about these things so when the cleaning starts, you won’t be wasting your time discussing them there and then.

Give your small backyard the elegance of minimalism

Not everyone is the proud owner of a large backyard. Some only have a small patch of land behind their home to call their outdoor living space. The best design solution for cases like this is to resort to the elegance of minimalism. You’ll not be able to grow too many plants, reducing your yard even more. A tidy and healthy lawn with a tree or two and a few carefully selected flowers around the edges would look attractive and allow some room for the entertainment area. Sitting and enjoying nature in your yard when the weather permits is the point. It is questionable how relaxed you would be if you could barely put two chairs and a small table amid a small jungle you can hardly access.

Install energy-saving lighting

Outdoor lighting manufacturers never cease to amaze us with their ingenious designs. In the past decade, they have focused on energy-saving lighting that capitalizes on solar power. That solution would illuminate your outdoor space without increasing your electricity bill. Nowadays, energy efficiency is one of the top features people seek when buying a home. As the moving experts from movesafari.com say, many of their clients have found energy-efficient outdoor space irresistible in the homes they eventually moved to. And besides, these lights are very esthetically appealing and mild for the eyes. Those that prefer more natural solutions should opt for those gorgeous garden torches that will make any evening in your yard special.

Introduce functional entertaining areas

Since you’ll want to spend time in your yard, put some effort into creating functional entertaining areas for you and your friends to hang out in. Yes, they must be pretty, but more importantly, they must be helpful. And what is precise may be different for each person. For example, many people love to invite friends over and cook for them, so they would probably want a barbeque station or an outdoor kitchen. Others just like to sip on wine on those warm spring nights, and all they need is a good liquor fridge near their outdoor seating set. As we all differ as individuals, it is only natural that our backyards also differ.

Exquisite outdoor furniture set with lots of pillows and candles
Introduce an entertaining area into your outdoor space where you will spend warm evenings with your friends.

Spruce up your dog’s house as well

Your dog’s house deserves a spring cleaning as well. Your furry buddy probably doesn’t care about the state of its home, but it is a shame to let it be a shabby addition to your pristine backyard. Besides, a leaky dog house is unappealing and hazardous to your pet’s health. You’ll sleep more soundly when you know your doggy is warm and dry.

A dog in a small white dog house with a blue roof
When you prepare your outdoor living space for spring, don’t forget to spruce up your dog’s house.

Set up a raised veggie garden

There are multiple ways to design your yard, but an interesting improvement you can add to it is a raised veggie garden. Installing raised patches of land that look like substantial plant pots is creative and practical. Even though you can grow about anything in them, vegetables would be an excellent and healthy choice. You could plant seasonal products there and control the amount and number of pesticides you put on them. The good thing about raised gardens is that your back is less at risk of getting hurt due to many hours of being bent while gardening. With your veggie garden, you’ll have your own private farmer’s market to pick whatever you need from every morning. 

Final thoughts

So, to prepare your outdoor living space for spring, just clean it properly and upgrade it to fit your lifestyle needs. As for its looks, groom it as a whole, not forgetting any of the elements one sees from the entrance gate to your pet crib. The more effort you put in, the more you’ll love spending time in it, and so will your friends.


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