Who doesn’t like to upgrade the house every now and then? And what better you could do if you take up the job and upgrade your house on your own. Of course, you can’t do every home improvement task. But there are many that you could do with so little or even no experience at all.

I remember when I first undertook several home improvement projects right after moving into my new bungalow in Milton, Canada. The house was quite dull. It required some improvements, which I decided to take on myself rather than outsourcing the job; I had to save some bucks! I painted the rooms, fixed the broken faucet, re-structured the lawn, and a lot. It took me months to remodel the house. But it was worth the time, and I saved thousands in cash.

And here I am sharing a bit of what I did, and so could you to save some hard-earned cash.

10 Home Improvement Projects You Could Undertake

Fixing the Faucet

Photo by Nithin PA

Replacing a broken faucet is not as difficult as one might think. Simple tools are required (the ones you might already have. Then you need a new system of the same size as before (design is not limited to the size).

This easy job will take less than an hour and save you some bucks if you do it yourself.

Clean Dryer Ducts

Photo by WoodleyWonderWorks

If the dryer in your home isn’t working properly, it could be due to dirty ducts. This task requires only a vacuum. Unplug the dryer, disconnect the ductwork, and clean the duct with your powerful vacuum cleaner.

This is yet another simple task, with no expense to bear if you have a vacuum cleaner.

Raised Flowerbeds

Photo by Charles & Hudson

This is my favorite part (and so for many). Maintaining the lawn is such a lovable job that many would already be doing it.

If you want to grow in-home vegetables, a raised flowerbed is what you need. To build an 8-foot-square garden bed, you need eight 8 ft long sections of pressure-treated lumber, screws, construction adhesive, and landscape adhesive.

Your garden bed is ready to receive its first diet of content to grow home-grown vegetables. This task is relatively challenging. But still doable. And you’ll love working on it.

Update Hardware

Photo by Marco Verch

Again an easy task we often avoid pursuing. Fixing or updating your hardware is usually not a big job. Take an example if you have a broken doorknob. It just takes a few things to replace the broken knob; a new knob, a screwdriver, and screws.

Changing a doorknob won’t take more than an hour. However, some similar tasks may take more than an hour but would be as easy as changing a knob.

Clean Your Rugs

Photo by Emily May

Rugs or carpets get stains from time to time. Sometimes we cover the stain by placing a table overhead, and sometimes we call the professionals to clean it. But in most cases, cleaning the rug is relatively easy.

The only catch here is to clean the stain as soon as possible. So if you accidentally spilled coffee on the rug, don’t wait for the weekend. Quickly clean it by applying shampoo.

And if you want to give a new look to that dirty rug, you could wait for the weekend and take a good time to renew it.

Apply Window Film

Photo by form PxHere

This is rather a delicate job, and still, you could do it yourself.

Window film works well if you want more privacy. These window films come in a variety of opacities and patterns and are readily available in the market. Choose your thing from any nearby store or Amazon, and apply it to your windows.

Just remember to be polite with the roll and buy some extra feet, so you don’t get short if you messed up for the first time.

Paint Your House

Photo by Malte Luk

Painting the whole house from inside out is a bit hefty job. But if you could take up easy places, you could save some good bucks.

If you’re a first-timer, painting a wall (even a room) would work for you. Then, you could also paint your doors and kitchen cabinets. I won’t suggest the outside job as it is relatively tough to handle. The same goes for big halls (even your living room). Start small, learn. And then go for more extensive areas.

Change Shower Heads

Photo by Pixabay 

Yet another simple task. Broken or not, if you want to change the showerhead, you could do it literally in minutes. And in most cases, you don’t even need a tool.

Just take your old shower head with you to the hardware store, ask them to show designs in that size, choose the right one, come back home, and fix it.

See, what an easy thing to do. And yet, many ask a professional plumber to do the job.

Fix Running Toilet

Image by Alexandra

Often this task doesn’t require long working hours. If you have a running toilet, first investigate the case by opening the lid of the tank. 

The flapper at the bottom of the tank could be causing this mess, or the fill valve might need a replacement. In either case, you don’t need a plumber; you could do it yourself. Both the flapper and valve are easy to replace. Just take the broken piece with you to the hardware, get a new one, and replace it.

Squeaky Doors

Photo by mikegi 

Squeaky doors often need greasing the hinges. So if your door(s) makes a noise, apply suitable lubricants to the hinges, let it sink in, and then check if the sound is gone.

The most common lubricant for door hinges is a silicon spray. But if you don’t have one, you could apply olive oil or petroleum jelly. They work in a similar manner.

DIY and Save Your Money

With these simple DIY home improvement projects, you would undoubtedly save a good amount of cash. And yet, there are many more to take on. So which home improvement task you’re planning to do this weekend?

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