One of the safest and most personal ways to express your unique style is in the room you spend the majority of your life – your bedroom! You’re going to spend a lot of time in your bedroom over the course of your life. It’s a place to relax, switch off, and, of course, sleep. Studies show that the décor of your bedroom has a big impact on the quality of rest you obtain and your overall enjoyment in life.

To that end, it’s essential you feel comfortable and safe in the place where you rest and recover from the rigors of the day. Compiled here are four tips on how to personalize your bedroom.

Make Your Bedroom Yours With Personal Items

Nothing says personalized like family photos or artwork adorning your room. Spread out decorations between walls and side tables to avoid a messy, cluttered appearance.

For a unique style, have a photo wall made for a large, eye-catching decoration for one wall. Canvas is an excellent choice for artworks in general, as they have an upscale look. Include photos of people and places that hold a special place in your heart.

If you have particular passions and interests, incorporate them into your bedroom. Sports fan? Frame a favorite jersey for prime placement by the bed. Film buff? Framed posters are a classed-up version of teenagers using tape.

If you have any memorabilia that holds a place in your heart but collects dust in a closet, put it up in the bedroom. If you’re a huge concert goer, make a collage of your ticket stubs and use it above your headboard. The options are limited only by imagination.

Pick A Theme

Following on from the first point, to make an impact in your bedroom you can take individual decor choices further, and design the entire room around them.

Identify a theme personal to yourself, be it animals, gothic, space or literally anything else that you have a passion for. The sky’s the limit when it’s a theme you love.

Once you have a theme, you will find that things like colors, patterns and furnishings will reveal themselves to you, making the design process streamlined and stress-free.

Colors Count!

Remember, color choices can have an impact on how you feel in the room you are in. For a bedroom, we want to feel calm and relaxed, so the color scheme should fit appropriately.

Use softer versions of colors to achieve a peaceful look. Tone down any loud, brash notes or use them sparingly on accessories to the room as a whole. Blues are ideal to provide soothing, relaxing vibes.

If you’re going in heavy on the decor, neutral tones will contrast nicely with them without overpowering you as you try to kick back.

Minimize & Accessorize

While some readers are in the more minimal camp, others prefer a busy look full of possessions to make a space seem more cozy. Just be mindful when styling your bedroom to allow for the functional aspects such as furniture. You don’t want to make the room look too busy, and the minimalist look will aid sleep and help you wind down much faster than having a cluster of furniture dotted around.

Instead of bringing in several desks, tables and chairs, personalize your bedroom by accessorizing. Use a funky throw or comforter to pair with the theme or mementos you have for an extra pop.

One more bonus to the less is more tip; less furniture means either less costs or more to splash out on some fancier side tables.


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