Are you having to deal with nosy neighbours on a frequent basis? It can be a lot harder to relax in your outdoor area when you’ve got people constantly peering over the fence and making you feel uncomfortable. Moreover, if you live close to a busy street, then you’d potentially have to deal with strangers passing by everyday as well. Needless to say, you probably wouldn’t want to give them the opportunity to take a sneak peek into your patio area to see if there’s anything worse stealing; or worse, if there’s an insufficiently secured entryway into your home to take advantage of.

The good news is, there are a bunch of ways to make your patio area feel more private and secure, all whilst injecting value, style, plus a myriad of other benefits. Below, we’ve gone over some of the best ways for you to block your neighbours and strangers out of your patio area, so that you can kick back and relax in an oasis that feels entirely yours:


The great thing about outdoor curtains is that there are a number of colours, styles, patterns and designs available. Consequently, these make for an excellent choice when you’re wanting to add a specific type of theme to your patio area, along with a sufficient degree of privacy. Of course, when it comes to actually picking out your outdoor curtains, you’d want to make sure that you’re going for a durable and weather-resistant material that will ensure to hold up well outdoors. Some outdoor curtains may also allow you to implement better light control than others; something to consider if you want to be able to take naps in your patio area during the day or transform it into a movie theatre.

Outdoor Blinds

Now, outdoor curtains are a great privacy solution. But if you want to go the next level up, it would be best to invest in some high-quality outdoor blinds. Outdoor blinds don’t just allow for greater privacy in your patio area. In addition to this, they also provide protection from the harsh elements, pest-control, insulation and of course, value and style. If you choose to seek out a motorised outdoor blinds manufacturer in Perth, you can also enjoy the added convenience of being able to operate your blinds with the simple touch of a button. Such a benefit is sure to come in handy in times where you’re in a rush to close your blinds, including when you’re just about to leave the house or when bad weather is just beginning to hit.

Tall Plants

Another way to block your neighbour’s view of your patio is to incorporate some tall plants into the area. Now, planting these near the fence would be best to ensure that neighbours and passers-by from the street aren’t able to get a clear view of your backyard area. But if you don’t have an area available where you can plant, you can always opt to move large pot plants into the area instead. Pot plants are excellent because they give you the opportunity to incorporate some beautiful ceramic planter designs into your patio area. Whether you choose to incorporate plants into your garden or move in pot plants, you can still ensure to enjoy the many benefits of gardening either way.

Privacy Screens

Privacy screens are another great idea if you want to implement a specific theme whilst simultaneously blocking out your neighbour’s view. By placing these screens close to your fence or simply surrounding your patio, you will be able to obstruct the view of strangers looking into your outdoor area. These screens come in a range of different materials and styles, so you’re always sure to find an option that will align with whatever design you’re hoping to achieve. For example, if you’re hoping to create a modern look with your outdoor area, you could go for screens made out of wooden planks, or screens made out of metal. Metal screens are especially versatile, since they can be laser cut to showcase a heap of different designs and patterns. On the other hand, if you’re wanting something a little bit more natural, you could also go for bamboo screens. This would also be an excellent solution if you’re inspired by oriental style gardens such as Zen gardens.


A trellis can be a great DIY project to undertake – there’s so many different ways for you to design these decorative pieces, plus they’re also incredibly versatile! That being said, they’re ensured to look great when applied to a number of different backyard areas, no matter what type of theme it is that you’re trying to achieve. If you’re not a big fan of going the DIY route, you can still find a heap of inexpensive, pre-made trellis options in stores or online.


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