Are you living in a quaint apartment, love the location and adore your landlord? At the same time, are you tired of the look your same four walls have had for the past year or two? In the past, renters had few options with respect to upgrading the looks of their apartments. This is no longer the case! Here are five renovation ideas for apartments are easy to implement for the renter as well as the landlord!

Uniform Light Wall Color

A Uniform Light Wall Color Emphasizes Natural Light

While you cannot renovate away the neighboring apartment building’s shadow, you do have the option of painting your apartment walls in a light color with a satin finish. Whether you own the property or have permission from the owner to change the color scheme, pick something light that serves to reflect natural light. Keeping your entire space in this hue creates an optical illusion of a larger size. Good color choices include a light shade of dove gray, gray blue or white-yellow. Avoid dark colors and resist the temptation of choosing a different hue for every space inside your apartment.

Furniture Lighter Shade

Paint Your Furniture a Lighter Shade

If painting the walls is out of the question, simply paint your furniture. Changing the look of your dark wood chairs and dining room table to a lighter stain or color will make a huge difference in the look and feel of the space. Dark colors impose upon a space, but light colors allow you to add more furniture into a space that would otherwise appear crammed.

Large Room Divider

Add Dividers to Larger Rooms

Even if you have no need to add a second space for a different use, having dividers can make a huge difference in the way you perceive your available square footage. Turn an oversize living room into a cozy seating area with a separate television room. Transform your bedroom into a sitting room as well as a sleeping area. Give your bathroom the feel of a French spa with little more than a small folding partition made from bamboo or other natural materials.

Hang Semi-transparent Light Fixtures

Hang Semi-transparent Light Fixtures

Solid sconces or lampshades take up visual space at eye level. Choosing glass-enclosed fixtures with semi-transparent, lightly stained or smoked glass is an ideal method for reducing the visual obstruction. Since you can actually see through the light fixtures, your brain is tricked into believing that there is plenty of available space at eye level. If you are a landlord with a very small efficiency apartment, this is an easy fix to make the space more attractive.

Add Privacy Glass

Add Privacy Glass

Reduce the need for dark curtains by replacing regular windowpanes with privacy glass. Not only does this swap provide you with the privacy you crave while letting in the natural light, but the elegant privacy glass designs also add a dab of elegance to your space. If you are a renter with a landlord who hesitates to pay for the glass replacement, consider paying half of the cost. It is a win-win for both parties.

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