Landscaping a new home is not only an art but science also. Designing the landscape is an art while selecting the plants to fit your landscaping scheme is a science where you may need a horticulturist to choose suitable plants and grass for you considering the weather and geography of your home.

Landscaping without the best use of space available looks awkward and reduces the aesthetic beauty of your home. The selection of plants, design, and use of lighting along with the shape of the landscape increases the beauty of a home. 

The following are the six finest guidelines for landscaping a new home in addition to your budget, strategic planning, drainage and climatic conditions of the area where your home is located:

Matching with home design

The landscaping should be consistent with the design of your home. The selection of plants, flowers, and colors of the pathway should be in agreement with the geometrical design of your home. The color and lighting of the home should be kept in mind while planning for landscaping. The design of the landscape can be round, square, or random, depending on the design of your new home. For a modern and stylish home, the straight path is recommended.

Design is a key factor in landscaping, so you should choose an excellent company to handle the design of your landscaping project. The wood selection for landscape should be in line with the construction of the home. The stones or concrete you use should be arranged in a way that gives the desired look and enhances the beauty of the house. The construction material should be strong and enough to withstand climatic changes. Not a single rock or other material should be in contradiction to the design so that the beauty of the home can remain intact.

Selection of Plants

The selection of plants needs careful consideration depending on the climate of the area you’re living in. It is advised that you should have a consultation with the horticulturist of your area. The selection of plants should be made, keeping in view the availability of light and water, as well as temperature levels in your area. Wind and the chances of growth of the plant should be considered while keeping in mind your busy schedule. In addition to this, the plants that serve beautification purposes should be given priority over other plants in the area.

The selection of plants is also dependent on the soil you’re planning to make space for landscaping. In addition to the selection of plants, the selection of playgrounds in the landscape is necessary. If your hobby is swimming, then a swimming pool or outdoor games court like tennis courts are necessary. This will give an attractive look and will be beneficial if you sell the house in the future.

State of the art irrigation

The availability of the required water quantity is of utmost importance for the growth of plants. You should adopt the trending irrigation methods because the new irrigation methods lessen the burden on your pocket, and these are efficient also. The water availability and space of your landscaped area are important for the selection of irrigation systems to water the plants. The owner can select drip irrigation for landscaping the large area if you have to maintain a large part of the land.

The initial investment can be costly, but it is more effective than the other methods. In addition to this, sprinkle irrigation serves you the best when your lawn is bigger than the plot you specified for the plants. Furthermore, hand-watering is an option that is also available for specific days of your busy schedule to keep your landscape green. It ensures the watering of all plants along with growth check if it is maintained regularly. These irrigation methods are more than enough to keep your landscape lush green.

Preparation of the soil

In addition to water, plants need various elements to grow. The primary nutrients required for plant growth are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. It is better advised that you check through laboratory tests and measure its fertility capacity. A necessary test for soil is the measurement of the acid-alkaline level before starting the planting. Some soil can be salty, clayey, or sandy. The type and texture of the soil should also be checked in order to make the soil more viable for planting.

The addition of fertilizers, primary and secondary, is dependent on the pH value and texture of the soil. In this regard, horticulturists can be hired for the best advice keeping in view the result of soil tests. Organic matter can be added to increase the fertility of the soil while considering the advice of an expert. More so, irrigation is very important in the sustenance of the fertility of your grasses. It is best if you choose a good company to handle your landscaping project.

Ensure your privacy

Maintaining privacy in a newly landscaped home is a challenge if the selection of plants is made without keeping privacy in mind. There are various methods to maintain privacy in the landscaped home. It may be fenced privacy along with plants that can grow on the fence, concrete walls or void space, plant shape, shade trees, large play area, and trees blocking the view from outside. The construction of a public area for parties and another sort of gathering is necessary. This area should be apart from the living area with all the necessary arrangements to not disturb your private life. Further, a boundary wall can also serve the purpose, if the area outside your compound is green.

Low maintenance of landscape

Landscape maintenance is a challenging task. Keeping the budget in view, there are different methods that an owner can harness to maintain the landscape at a low cost. It starts with the selection of stones for the landscaping. The stones should be with a strong foundation. Keeping grasses in the landscape can be an expensive enterprise; it should be replaced with mulch that is lower in cost and affordable.

You should plant flowers that require less water; the climate of the area should support the kind of grasses that you choose to plant. The cultivation of native plants in the area will reduce the maintenance cost, and artificial grass will serve the purpose effectively if you have kids and dogs. It will add to the beauty of your new home with a green landscape.

The above-discussed methods are the best available methods to construct a landscape meeting your needs and adding comfort to your family.


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