Do you have a disorganized garage, overstuffed with junk and broken items all over? Or the jumble of workshop tools and miscellaneous clutter makes it that you can’t get your car in?

Well, if this sounds familiar to you, take heart, you are not the only one. In fact, the US Department of Energy estimates that about 25 percent of US homes with a two-car garage space don’t usually have any space to park a car inside them.

Every garage has some unique organization challenges and keeping a clean, uncluttered garage is quite tough. But with a little creativity, strategy and some useful ideas, you can turn your messy garage into an orderly and neat space.

Below is a guide with some clever ideas to help you get the organized and spacious garage you have always wanted.

How to optimize your garage space

Before we dive into the optimizing process, you first need to declutter your garage space. Like in most garages, you probably have tools, bikes, old furniture, and boxes all stacked up in your garage. Cleaning and sorting out these items is the first step you should take. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

1.  Start with cleaning

Get a strong vacuum or a broom, a trash bag and a pair of gloves. Do some basic cleaning, focusing on your ceiling for cobwebs, oil spillage on the floor and any living creatures that have made a home in the garage. When cleaning, make sure all your garage items are out of the garage space. This will help get things out of your way and give you a chance to do your cleaning better.

For a more effective clean up, try using water pressure pipes and detergents. This will help remove tough stains on the floor and walls. After cleaning, get a floor coating to help protect your floors from moisture and oil spillages.

Group your items

2.  Group your items

To optimize your garage space you need to first group your items in groups of similar items. This is also the perfect time to ditch old items that are no longer of use.

Sometimes there will not be enough space for all the items you have. Therefore you need to sort out the items that you need and get rid of the ones you no longer need.

Now group the remaining items in terms of frequency of use and their nature. This will help you determine where to place different items in your garage.

Plan out your garage space

3.  Plan out your garage space

A pen and paper will come in handy here. Plan out how you would like your garage to look like. If possible, take the measurements of different items and determine where each is best suited to be stored.

Next, install shelves and cabinets for storing your items. This takes us to the storage ideas you can use for optimizing your storage space.

Storage ideas optimizing your garage

Now that your garage is clean, you need to find a way to keep all your items organized and in order.

Here are some clever ways on how to store your garage items. 

Get a toolbox

1. Get a toolbox

The secret of every well-organized garage lies in having the right toolbox. This kit will help you keep all your tools organized in one place. Depending on how many tools you have and their sizes, ensure you select the right toolbox.

A toolbox gives you the added advantage of being portable and easy to take your tools around with.

2. Make good use of your ceiling

Do this by installing a ceiling storage system. This will help you get most of your items off the floor and add to your storage space.

A ceiling storage system is perfect for storing long flat items such as spades, and ladders.

Create a wall storage space

3. Create a wall storage space

Or perhaps, turn your garage walls into a storage system your items can hold on to. Here, you can customize your wall space to fit your storage needs.

Build a workbench

4. Build a workbench

A wall-mounted work station is very important for garage owners who need a working space for their projects. A workbench not only gives you a workspace but also provides you with a place to store your tools.

5. Shed off your bad storage habits

Storing your items efficiently is more than just getting the right shelves and storage areas. It is more about where you place your items when you are done with them.

Always organize your garage before you leave, every time. You can do this by ensuring that you place your items back to where they were after using them. This will ensure that maintain an organized and clutter free space.

Final word,

Organizing your garage space is not a one size fits all project. What works well in other garages might not work well in yours. But with the above guide and a little creativity, you can turn your messy garage to a functional space for all your items.

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