Whether you are selling your property for extra cash or to move up to a better house, to avoid hiccups along the process, certain measures are needed to expedite the transaction.

Utilize emotional intelligence to your advantage. Begin by impressing your potential buyers with appealing exterior, just enough to entice them into the house. Like many other purchase behaviors, home buyers are heavily influenced by their emotions when they go on house hunting. With this in mind, examine your property through the buyers’ lens..

Invest in advertising

Make an attractive advertisement of the house. Include all the features and important information such as lot dimension, property tax, chattels, etc.

Make necessary repairs

Fix that cracked wall. Change the broken locks. Plumb the clogged kitchen sink. Replace the light bulbs and the switches that do not work. These details are easy to fix. Nevertheless, leaving them unattended can draw attention in a negative way.

Leave a nice first impression

When a potential buyer comes to visit, the first things he/she sees is the exterior of the house.  You don’t need to give the house a cosmetic surgery. However, it is important and worthwhile to keep the facade and patio clean and the lawn well trimmed. Create a welcoming foyer. Invest time and, if necessary, money to give the entrance a lipstick job.

Keep the house neat

If you are selling a house that’s still occupied, make extra efforts to keep it tidy during a buyer visit. Remember to leave buffer room in your showing instructions. It is common practice to provide the tenants a minimum 24 hour notice. You must ensure that everything is in its place and arranged in a pleasant way.

A small decor can go a long way

property staging

Want to stand out from hundred of other houses on the market? The key is to impress the potential buyers. A well chosen decoration can transform the feel of the space in a snap. They are usually at a fraction of the cost of a renovation. To cut back your expense even further, flip through some home design magazines for DIY inspirations.

Less is More

Don’t crowd your space with excessive pieces of furniture. Declutter the rooms and keep unused items locked away. Rearrange the furniture so that the environment looks spacious. A well organized space could feel much bigger than the actual square footage, and vice versa. Good lighting also helps with spatial perception. Before opening the door to potential buyers, draw back the curtains, turn on all the lights and lamps, even during daytime.

Take special care of the bathroom and the kitchen 

Marketable Home

Both areas should shine for cleanliness. Clean the tiles, remove traces of moisture or mold in the joints, take out new towels in the bathroom. Clear the kitchen counter. Put away dishes and utensils in the cabinet.

Appeal to all five senses

Embellish the room with alluring scents. Create a homey feeling with sweet-smelling fruits and freshly baked goods. Put a few drops of essential oil into the diffuser, if you have one.

Pets may hurdle the sale process

Just as there are many dog lovers, many people do fear dogs, cats or even birds. Or they may suffer from allergies. Unless you have a special preference for pet-lovers, chances are you probably don’t want to eliminate the latter demographic from your potential buyer pool. If you have a pet, consider taking it out with you during showings.

Be honest

Do not withhold important information of the property. A proper survey, or home inspection will reveal most issues quickly and easily. You may also be held liable for not disclosing certain information.

As mentioned from the important factors above, the first impression is very important. That first impression will be what drives the prospective buyer to continue with the purchase process. If with that first visit we have not been able to please them, forget about a second visit, and of course, forget about the sale.

How do we get this? Before approaching any prospective buyer try to make your home more marketable through following these proposals to finely tune your home.

Neutralize the Decoration

Avoid personal objects such as photographs, drawings of your children, memories of your last trip .Your buyer wants to imagine living in your home, not discovering how you have been living. The personal items could mislead the emotions of the client, so it will be better to save them for that first visit.

The same goes for the decoration, too personal decoration with excessive coloring, crochet rugs or too old decoration, could confuse our buyer. Do not wait until your potential buyer has to imagine the possibilities of decorating your home, put it easy and show it yourself.

Significance of Odors

The smell is one of the first sensations that we perceive when we enter a closed space. You can use some type of neutral air freshener or even make coffee, the smell of coffee always gives the homes a very homelike feel.

If you prefer not to use any type of added odor, make sure the house is well aired when you receive your visitors. This will be especially important if the house is smoked or there are pets moving around.

Bright Light

We all like that our house is bright. When a buyer plans to visit your home, make sure that the lighting is adequate. If possible, ensure that the visit is at a time when natural light can enter your home. If this is not possible (in the winter this can be complicated) try to make the artificial light suitable.

Cleaning and Organization

Something that seems pretty basic but that sometimes we try to escape. Make sure your home looks clean and neat at all times. The kitchen and the bathroom are some of the rooms to which you must pay special attention in terms of cleanliness.

On the other hand, try to avoid everything that does not add up for the sale of housing as magazines, stacks of books, clothes and scattered toys. The organization will help your visitors to have a better perception of the spaces.

Color Coated

A newly painted house always gives the feeling of being much newer than it really is. For this reason, a coat of paint could be a small investment to help us, not only to get a faster sale, but also a sale for a higher amount.

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