Nowadays, Mirrors do a lot more than just reflecting on us. Whether we are planning the renovation of our home or want to update our interior, there are some interesting mirror decoration ideas for you that are going to be discussed here. 

Using a mirror in a range of style from antique to vintage to modern layout is a convenient way to make an impact in any room of your home and that makes the most of your interior when it is placed in the right position.

So today we have brought 11 unique Mirror Decoration ideas of placing a mirror that would suit your interior and your requirements as well. There is also a bonus for you so keep stick to it till the end.

There are certain corners or walls which seem incomplete without a mirror hanging over there. Whether it is your bathroom, your dressing room, or even hallway, the mirror gives a sense of completion to your interior.-

1. Asymmetry in Mirror Decor

Imagine, how would it look like your interior divided into different parts!! This is really going to be very interesting making your interior eye-catching and full of charm.

Of course, Ideally, these are not used to see your face into but putting this mirror on the wall will really add fun and puzzling effects.

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When these are placed strategically, it reflects wide-area brightening up your interior that brings charm to the stay.

2. Color Your Mirror

How crazy it looks when a colorful printed mirror covers one of your entire walls!!  You can imagine the same seeing the picture I have put above. 

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The wall seems to be a natural sensational place with in-depth carvings which leaves a memorable impression on your mind while taking a shower if you do the same in your bathroom.

How awesome is this? Yes or Not! Ok I know your answer. Now it is all about your creativity how beautifully you can get your mirror to be colored. Adding a natural color like green or sky blue can bring extra charm to your interior! Sure! you are going this apply this.

3. Add New Dimension To Your Space

Having the same problem of lacked space for decoration like me, there is a fascinating surprise for you!! 

Many times, due to lacking space, we load our home with tons of decoration accessories which instead gives a cluttered look.

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Using a lightweight and easy to hang window mirror can sort out our all issues at once. If you are one of them facing the same problem, I personally recommend you place a window mirror that gives an in-depth view of your interior.

You can strategically place the mirror in the dining room or in any other part that would be like adding a new window. You can understand how crucial this element is for your interior that distributes light and boosts the space available.

4. Mirrored Entry

“The first impression is the last impression” you already know this. and you also know that there is a lot to consider while decorating our entryway. But the most crucial thing I am talking about here is Mirror.

The entryway really sets the tone for visitor’s first impressions and what they might expect when they enter the home. Whether your entryway is small or big, it is worth investing time and little money to make an impact on visitors.

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Add a chic with a gorgeous vintage-inspired mirror to give a modern touch to your entry. Installing a full-length floor mirror is worth it if you have enough large space. The thing we have in favor is that this particular style I am talking about goes under our pocket without consuming a good space.

Hanging a large mirror or set of mirrors just above the table is a  trend that looks great and easy to pull off. I know you like this style creating a simple and minimal look.

5. Engage Your Wall

Yes! You read right” Engage the Wall”. Imagine when one of your walls in any room is full of mirrors. Regardless of the shape and size of the mirror, Putting different shapes, sizes of mirrors on the wall will bring such elegance and charm to the stay. 

I know such an amazing view is certainly to grab the attention of your eyeballs. No need to mention the distinction it would bring to your interior.

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But Imagine such a wall, preferably the one which is taller, wider, and focused to the window or any point of light that would make it a focal point of your room.

6. Envelop Your Room

Like the image? Ok, I know what you are thinking about! Is it right to cover all of your entire walls with a mirror? Understand, the mirror is a great way to give a detailed and spacious view to your interior.

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Yes, we know that covering the entire wall with a mirror leaves some sort of classic touch to your interior but since as it leaves a detailed and in-depth view, it is good to go.

One major thing to consider is that this placement is right if you have large enough space(walls). Doing the same with a small space might create a cluttered view.

7. Mirror Your Staircase

Whether a narrow staircase is said to diminish opulence and fortune. To avoid, you should place the mirror over the stair wall that brings in-depth view with an amazing charm that also helps to widen the view.

I think this is fine to place the mirror on your narrow stairs wall that leaves a gorgeous impression.

However, some Feng Shiu experts contradict for placing the mirror in the staircase. But Personally, if you want, then placing a painting is also a great alternative.

Image how interesting it would look when a colorful mirror sticker is put on the wall!! Mirror stickers are also a great way that serves the purpose of the widening area leaving fun and interest to the interior

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Thinking how to mirror stickers came in between the mirror because we are here to serve you the best decoration ideas for your home and we proud that you love our ideas and our feelings as well.

8. Unique Abstract Mirror Tricks

The abstract mirror is great creating a visual effect, a sense of space, and make it bounce. Thus it provides a double sensation of both brightness and depth.

Imagine how pretty and comfortable it will look, when a round-shaped mirror with a pure abstract accent is placed on a white surface.

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Either having a small or darkening room space, the mirror creates the illusion of a small room feeling much bigger and brighten up your interior which adds charm and fun to the stay.

9. Wall + Mirror Color Coordination

I know, you like this placement of the mirror as it is placed as per the rule of wall + mirror color coordination.

The mirror should go in harmony with the environment. Applying a touch of contrasts and distinction that balances all the elements is important if you want to bring sparkling sense to space.

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Sometimes buying a decorative and expensive mirror can be a real failure. Please note that the appearance of the space largely depends on the style with which it is decorated.

10. Hanging a Mirror over the Door

Everyone needs a full-length mirror to get dressed in the morning. Actually, buying a perfect mirror and then placing it in the right position is an art. 

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Affixing a full-length rustic mirror on a door serves a special treat by saving your space which creates a window effect on the wall of the bathroom or your bedroom. 

This placement brightens up your space and the wood accent makes it comfortable and warm.

11. Create a Masterpiece with Mirror

Round mirrors that are perfect, for any period or for any existing decor you have. Decorating a wall with a collection of vintage mirrors creates a great masterpiece of art.

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Putting small decorative mirrors together above the mantel or your table leaves an impact on the otherwise overlooked part. 

If you want to bring old-world charm with an authentic historic touch, then choosing an antique mirror really serves the art of masterpiece in your interior.


I am sure you like our “11 Unique Decoration ideas With Mirror “. And you are going to put one of these ideas into consideration while planning your renovations.


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