It’s natural that you want to highlight your kitchen or bathroom using the right material for countertops, slabs, benchtops, etc. For this, you must be checking various stones like marble, granite, etc. Though granite is the most popular choice, there is no decreasing demand for marble.

Marble is particularly famous among people as it exists in various types like Carrara, Calacutta, Statuario, etc. When installed in your home, they provide long-lasting structures along with elevating your interiors. As each type of marble has different patterns, colours, and textures, it’s not hard for you to turn your space into however you desire.

But, selecting the right marble becomes difficult when you don’t know the differences amongeach type of marble. You may choose one type, only to find the other type is far more suitable for your house.

So, to avoid this confusion, we have collected the differences among the classic marble styles like Carrara, Calacutta, and Statuario marble that are based on their attributes. Reading these differences, you are sure to have an idea of what you want to buy.

Differences Among Carrara, Calacutta, And Statuario Marble

1. Appearance: The outward style of the marble

Carrara: Unlike other marbles that sport a white background, Carrara has a blue-grey background. It is highlighted by the soft, feathery and linear veins that look spectacular when you installed as a bathroom benchtop. If you are a soft-natured person and want the room to reflect your personality, then go for Carrara.

Calacutta: This is the exact opposite of Carrara as it has dramatic and bold veins sporting on a pure white background. With gold and grey veins, this marble is suitable for those who want to make a statement in the kitchen or bathroom.

Statuario: Popular as one of the major white marbles, this marble is a mix of both Carrara and Calacutta. It has a combination of thin and bold veins occurring in gold and grey colours. The linear patterns look beautiful as some of them look subtle and other some being bold. This striking difference makes it the most sought-out choice among people.

2. Origin: The country they are originated from

Carrara: Being a city in Tuscany, Italy, Carrara is extracted from the stones available extensively in over 600 quarry sites. The sites are situated in Apuan Alps and this is the most quarried stone in the world.

Calacutta: These are also originated from Italy. This marble is quarried in the same region as that of Carrara.

Statuario: Also originated in Italy, this marble is found in the mountain ranges in the sites above where Carrara is quarried. Though it’s available in fewer quantities, Statuario has the highest demand and is the rarest marble in the world.

3. Application: How the marble was and is used?

Carrara: Used in the historical monuments like London’s Marble Arch, the Pantheon, etc., Carrara is now used in modern applications like wall panels, flooring, countertops, etc.

Calacutta: Because of its classy and dramatic look, this is used for both residential and commercial purposes like flooring, countertops, splashbacks, etc

Statuario: As this is the perfect stone for indoor applications like kitchen countertops, flooring, bathroom benchtops or vanities, you can go for it without any hesitation. Also, Statuario is not ideal for external applications, so if you want to have a nice interior space, this is the best option.

4. Availability: Which is most extensively available?

Carrara: Widely available because of many quarry sites in Italy.

Calacutta: Rarer than Carrara but still available at large quantities.

Statuario: Rarest than both Carrara and Calacutta but has the highest demand rate.

Useful Tips to Choose the Right Marble

After reading the differences, you mightnow have the idea which marble to choose for your space. But here are a few tips that can add weight to your decision.

  • Being abundantly available makes Carrara the affordable and cost-efficient option. So, when your budget is limited, it’s best to go for Carrara to create a classy and aesthetic look in your home.
  • If your space is small, but you want to make it luxurious and grand-looking, you can opt for Calacutta or Statuario marble.
  • Calacutta is the perfect way to dramatize your space as it contains dominating line patterns and veins.
  • Carrara is the best option for the bathroom countertops as it keeps your space subtle and soft-looking. You will not be overwhelmed by the patterns as soon as you enter.
  • Again, Carrara is ideal as the kitchen countertop because you have to maintain it less because of it’s dark-coloured marble and requires less cleaning.
  • As all the marbles have grey and gold patterned veins, there’s no doubt your space looks unique and grand.
  • If you are still confused about what to select, then don’t hesitate to reach out for the professional advice. Looking at your interiors and your style, they can suggest the right one.

Final Thoughts

So, the differences might have enlightened you to select the right Carrara or Statuario marble for your residential or commercial complexes. The trick lies in choosing the marble type that goes with the style of your home and architecture. Just visualise how the look will be after the construction with each marble type mentioned here. You will definitely have the answer that you are looking for.

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