It’s true: few things in your life are more important than the space in which you live it.

Whether it’s the inspiration to create… the motivation to achieve… or just the practical convenience to get through a hectic day… your living space needs to provide you with the ability to live your life your way.

Maybe your space is dated, and needs a makeover to bring you more enjoyment.

Or maybe your space just doesn’t “work” (which makes it hard for you to work there, whether for a living, or simply to get the chores done that everyone needs to tackle around the house).

Maybe your space doesn’t match your personal style… maybe it just isn’t “you!”

Whatever the reason, when it’s time to change your living space, it’s time to choose an interior designer who “gets it” – one who is a good fit not just for your space, but for your life.

It’s Personal…

You’re not just inviting your interior designer into your home.  You’re inviting this person into your life.

Make sure you do the best you can to choose a designer you’ll like and trust.

Do your personalities mesh well?  Try to find a designer who’s a good communicator – someone who can make a point succinctly, and who’s a great listener.  After all, the two of you will need to be on the same page at all times.

Is your designer going to be able to match your working style?  Whether you need a lot of help (with, say, a major remodel for which you don’t yet have a clear “vision”), or a little (maybe you just need help with color and fabric choices in a single room)… your interior designer needs to bring the very best of his/her talent and experience to the job – but also respect your own design savvy.

Also, how specific is your vision?  Do you know what your personal style should be… or could you use a trusted advisor to help you through all the design decisions you’ll need to make, large and small?

This is your living space… this is your life.  It doesn’t get more personal than this!

…And You Need A Real Professional

Of course, once you find an interior designer you can get along with, don’t discount the need to have a true professional on the job.

Look at the firm’s portfolio.  What other types of jobs have they done?  Do you find their work compelling, inspiring, and sound?  A look through the designer’s portfolio can often give you a good idea how well he or she might “get” what you’re after.

How broad a range of services can your design firm capably offer?  Do their “chops” go beyond décor – could they masterfully oversee an extensive remodel?  Do they have proven experience with all kinds of spaces, from kitchens to bathrooms to hallways?  Are they great with everything from color to texture to lighting?  And do they know materials, from window treatments, to flooring, to walls and doors?

Look for deep experience and training, as well as a broad range of proven talents.

The best interior designers – the pros – bring plenty of both.

How often will you need to choose an interior designer?

Most folks don’t redo their living space with great frequency.  You may only have one or two occasions to choose an interior designer.  Use your head and your heart… go with a professional who inspires you with confidence that they can bring the right personal touch to enhance your space – and your life. If you are in need of an interior designer services in Denver you can check out Dahl House Design.

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