We all have a favorite season toward which we tend to gravitate, whether it is spring, summer, winter or fall. Depending on our favorite time of the year, we are often drawn toward the colors that represent that season. If, for example, you love everything about winter, you might enjoy cool tones of blues throughout your home, as opposed to the warm browns and reds of autumn. Based on your seasonal favorites, you can also determine which types of artwork you like most. Read below for some tips on choosing landscapes for your home that perfectly complement the season you like best.

Springtime Means Blossoms

If you love spring, you probably enjoy the fact that the world seems alive again after the dormant winter season. Everywhere you look, trees are budding and flowers are pushing through the ground – the sun is shining. In terms of colors, you might gravitate toward brighter shades of green, yellow, pink and white.

When it comes to choosing custom framed art for your home, select landscapes that show the world as it comes to life after a long winter’s nap. Popular subject matter you love may include rolling green hills, trees blossoming with pink, purple and white flowers, birds, or a bright, sunny garden. Springtime landscapes are sure to brighten up any room.

Summertime Means the Beach

If summer is your favorite season, you probably enjoy all things that represent the beach – think sand and surf, boats and palm trees. When choosing landscape paintings or photography for your walls, select images that reflect the warm sunshine of summer, or the salty air of the beach. Maybe even a painting that reminds you of your favorite childhood summertime memory. Landscapes of lakes, rivers and serene ponds also reflect the relaxing mood of summer. The colors you are drawn to include the blues and greens of the ocean, the warm yellow of the sun and sandy shades of earth tones.

Fall Means Cool Air and Changing Leaves

When fall is your favorite season, you gravitate toward warm, earth tones such as browns, reds, golds and oranges. Think falling leaves and the hearty, vibrant colors of chrysanthemums. When selecting landscapes for your home look for framed wall art or photography that depicts the beauty of this changing season.

Popular subjects for autumn include trees reflecting their glorious colors in a nearby pond or river, vegetables, fruits, and grape vines that are ready for harvest, and perhaps even a mountainside covered in trees depicting fall foliage at its peak. This type of artwork adds warmth to any room of your home.

Winter is a Wonderland in White

Finally, winter landscapes bring the crisp, clean views of a snow covered world into your home. White snow contrasted against the bare bark of leafless trees or a starry winter sky adds a calmness and coolness to your home decor. Other landscape subjects for people who love winter include snow-covered mountains, a painting of your favorite ski resort, or add nostalgia to your home with perhaps a horse-drawn sleigh.

Whichever season is your favorite, searching for artwork to reflect the seasonal changes is a great way to add landscape paintings to your home.


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