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In order for a building contractor to be able to work out just how much the construction costs for a property are going to work out at they need to break them down into a number of different components in order to provide themselves and their client with a cost for what the work will be. It does not matter whether they are carrying out a small or big construction job all will need to be costed out and in most cases will add a contingency of around 20% on to their estimated construction costs. Below we will look at the various components that are needed in order to make up an estimate for construction costs.

Construction Costs

1. First of all they need to obtain a plan of the property that they are going to be constructing.

Construction Cost Examples Include

2. Next they need to decide on the types of materials that they will be using during the construction process. This includes materials for the walls, roof, windows, doors, kitchen units and equipment, bathrooms and the flooring within the home. Also they will need to look at the costs for other materials such as wiring, pipes, radiators and heating systems. They will then speak with their local supplier in order to get costs for all the materials that they require.

3. Now they need to make a decision on how many people they need working on the construction project. Unfortunately the bigger the construction project then the more people will be involved in it. As well as general laborers they need to cost in for specialists tradesmen as well such as masons, carpenters, roofers, electricians and plumbers. For every additional specialist tradesman that a construction project uses the cost for using their services will need to be costed in to the constructions overall costs.

Once the costs for the materials and the labor being used and this will provide estimated construction costs for the whole construction project. But as well as the costs for materials and labor also you will need to factor in the costs relating to insurance, building permit fees, architectural fees as well as any financing and legal fees. Which in many cases of construction can quite substantially increase the costs for the project.

Currently there are many companies that offer construction cost estimating sofware that will help you organize all the pieces of the project, your line items, timelines and even more.  Before you go out and buy any estimating software make sure you look at construction cost estimating sofware reviews.

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