The window coverings are of different kinds and so you should know the use of each of them.  The function of the window coverings like curtains and blinds are almost the same but then too there is a difference in their functioning, the way they can control light and how does it affect the finished look of the house. 

Curtains and Blinds Difference Between Both the Window Coverings

What Is The Difference? 

  • The curtains and blinds are both window coverings but there is a difference between the two. The blinds not only stop the incoming of the light but also filter it from entering the house. The curtains on the other hand block the heat of the sun and keep the home cooler. This is how it protects the furniture of the house from fading and also maintains privacy. The blinds block the light entering the house but do not block the outside view.
  • In terms of light control, both curtains and blinds perform exceptionally. The blinds have the ability to control light and so it is a great solution for households. This is a best way of window treatment where you can get a blackout feeling as well as UV protection. The blinds like the roller blinds have motorized panels that make it easy to control light even if the space is quite large. The curtains on the other hand are heavy drapes that are used to frame a window. It is traditional concept but recently there is a trend for motorized curtains especially in open living areas. The fabric that is used is of very high quality and you will find a wide array of color and designs in curtains.

Types of Curtains

While curtains and blinds are both the best options for windows but it up to the requirement of the homeowners which one to choose. The curtains are available in variety of fabric and you can select the one that will suit your room decor. The types of curtains are: 

  • The Gourmet curtains that are made up of a wide range of light as well as medium weighted fabrics. They have circular metal openings right on the top and this makes it easy to open and close the curtains.
  •  Sheer curtains are popular as it is known to preserve the inner view of the house. It is made up of translucent material and is easy to close and open.
  • Tab top curtains are special and they are good for those windows that do not require regular opening. This is like decorating a window that is not opened or closed often. 

Types of Blinds

The curtains and blinds are the only way by which you can decorate your windows. Blinds are the best option to regulate the temperature of the house. 

  • One is the Vertical blinds that have slats and they are in a vertical shape. They are considered to be perfect fit for large windows.
  • The Venetian blinds are quite popular and in this the slats are horizontal in shape. This is highly preferred by the home owners and is ideal for the windows with standard dimensions. It also adds to the beauty of the house.
  • Mini blinds are the smaller version of Venetian blinds. There is not much difference in the functioning as compared to the Venetian blinds.

The choice that has to be made between curtains and blinds is completely a personal choice. There are people who choose a mix of both curtains and roller blinds. It is almost an art to choose the right one for your house. There is wide variety of the products in the market and so you may feel confused. The choice should be made keeping in mind the requirement of the product as per the position for the windows. You can use the roller blinds for bedrooms that can block the light efficiently. Both have to be functional and artistic in purpose.

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