Glass is definitely an important material and most of us have many glass objects at home. But have you ever thought about glass shelves? When we heard about it we thought it’s an interesting idea so we decided to look a bit into it!

Glass is maybe the most important material for humankind. We are used to the fact that many things we are using in our daily lives are made of glass.  It is a popular material especially for kitchenware because it has antibacterial properties and it is simple to clean. 

Another feature of glass is that it is attractive. For example, few things look as nice as glass figurines and other home decorations.  The problem, however with glass the problem is that it is quite fragile so people are hesitant about buying important or expensive things made of it.  

For example, what would you think if we said that glass shelves can fit beautifully in every home?  Maybe, you’d agree with us but be worried about placing them in your home, especially if you have kids. 

Nonetheless, glass shelves not only look amazing but you also don’t have to worry about breaking them at all. 

We are going to talk about all the ways you can install and use glass shelves.  Keep in mind that this is something you can do entirely by yourself. The only thing that you need to know is are the best tools to own for this kind of work.

Why Are Glass Shelves Popular? 

The main benefit of glass shelves is that the glass unlike wood enables light to travel through so space will appear way lighter. Besides that, they contribute to the beauty and elegance of the home.  Many say that all kinds of decorations look much nicer and they are more visible when they are put on glass shelves.  But there is something more interesting here – the visual effect. 

After you install the hanging shelves on the wall and put the decorations or books the impression of the person who is looking will be that the objects are floating.

Where Can You Put Glass Shelves? 

There isn’t any kind of rule on where to put the shelves – they fit everywhere, kitchen, living room, bedroom.  They bring a special elegance to the entire kitchen and all the elements you put on them.  

If you opt to install them in the living room the effect will be impressive with proper mounting. All the books and other things will appear as they are free-standing in the air.

The same counts for bedrooms, except there maybe it would be nicer to install shelves that go in the corner.

Glass Shelves Designs

Honeycomb Design

This is one of the best glass shelves ideas you can find out there. The unique shape allows for a lot of space so you can put all of your decorations in one place. This is a perfect shelf for the bedroom especially because you can also put a night light on it.  Alternatively you can also look for glass shelves with lights.

Simple Rectangular Shelf

When we find ourselves in the situation of indecisiveness the best thing to do is to go with the most classical option. It is like that for everything including glass shelves. That’s why we present to you this standard rectangular shelf and we promise that you won’t make a mistake wherever you decide to put it.  You can find  glass shelves at home depot at very affordable prices.  You can put books, photographs, or house plants on it but it can also serve as a glass shelves bar.  We promise that your collection of spirits will seem way fancier.

Minimalistic Design

Well, you know that minimalistic designs are very fashionable. This type of shelf will draw attention and call for admiration of your guests. There are many glass shelves decorating ideas you can find to get inspired on what to put on your new piece of furniture.  We can say that it is a perfect choice for the living room and can be one of the great glass shelves plants.

Modern Design 

If you want your home to look similar to those you see in movies and magazines that you need to make sure to get one of the modern glass shelves. But if you are crafty maybe you can make glass shelves DIY.  

Our suggestion for a modern shelf is a mirrored shelf. It’s structured in the form of symmetrical mirrors with black frames and accentuates the modernity of a living room.  


There are plenty of models of glass shelves and it is not easy to say which one is the best.   They all provide a truly unique and elegant touch to your home and whichever you choose we are sure you will find a perfect spot for it. Have you considered buying a shelf made of glass for your home?

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