Becoming the victim of a break-in can feel incredibly hopeless and disheartening, not to mention it can ruin any sense of safety you may feel in your own home for an extended period of time. Your home is the one place in the world where you feel safe enough to relax with your family and store all your most precious belongings. When someone manages to infiltrate into that safe space, it can turn your whole world upside down, forcing you to question whether or not there really is a perfectly safe space you can turn to. If you have young children in your household, then the experience can be pretty traumatic for them as well. With that said, it’s important for you to prevent a break in before it even happens, so that you can prevent the level of distress and turmoil it can cause within your household.

Thanks to the extensive range of security products available on the market these days, getting a home security solution that fits with your unique needs and specifications, as well as the requirements of your home, is now easier than ever. If you’re looking for great ways to beef up your home security whilst greatly minimising the risks of becoming victim to a burglary, then you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ve listed several solutions you may find useful in your mission to implement the perfect home security system for your property:

Install Security Doors

Were you aware that the majority of burglars enter into the home via the front door? It may seem like the most obvious point of entry, but that doesn’t mean that it’s automatically ignored by burglars. If you’re looking to fortify the main point of entry into your household, then you’re going to be needing something sturdy, strong and long lasting to put in place. Luckily, Aus-Secure security doors provide as the perfect solution.

These security doors are built to meet strict Australian Standards AS5039-2008, meaning that they’ve been proven to withstand against a number of common forced entry attempts, including knife attacks, lever attacks and forceful impacts. Built from high-quality materials such as aluminium or stainless steel, they’re also ensured to withstand against the harsh Australian conditions, as well as the test of time, for many more years into the future

Invest in Security Screens

Security screens are built to the same strict standards that security doors are manufactured to meet. However, these screens are placed over your bare and vulnerable windows to provide them with additional protection. Let’s face it- anyone with the right tools and a strong amount of dedication would be able to smash through your unsecured windows with ease. But with security screens installed, they’ll be needing to put in a whole lot of force and make a great deal of noise if they’re wanting to get anywhere close to penetrating these highly secure structures. Even just the mere sight of these screens can be enough to discourage burglars altogether!

Install an Alarm System

Alarm systems are a must-have for any homeowners, especially if you find yourself away from home for the majority of the week due to work, or if you love to go away on long vacations. Security doors and screens will help to implement the physical aspect of home security, but alarm systems will help to implement the technical aspects of it, allowing you to put a protective shield over your property whilst you’re away from it. Even if burglars manage to infiltrate into your property and get past your physical barriers, they probably won’t be staying around for long after they manage to set off your alarm system’s siren. This loud siren will alert everyone in your neighbourhood to the presence of an intruder, so you can bet that they’ll be wanting to get out of the situation quick smart. And if you have your alarm system monitored by a third party, then as soon as your alarm system detects an intruder, help will be dispatched to your property right away. 


CCTV cameras are known to be one of the best deterrents against burglars. Moreover, they will allow you to keep tabs on your property 24/7 no matter where you are, and can even provide you with video footage evidence if an undesirable situation does happen to occur on your property. From being able to check in on your property whilst you’re away from home, you will also be able to keep an eye on your family members and allow yourself to enjoy peace of mind. Moreover, CCTV systems are highly versatile, with a number of opportunities available for customisation or expansion. As such, it’s easier than ever for you to put together the ideal CCTV system for your property.

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