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Engineered wood flooring is evolving as an increasingly trendy flooring choice amongst the homeowners. Engineered wood flooring has been upgraded in appearance and performance over the years. Myriad reasons are behind its growing popularity. If you are planning to lay an engineered wood floor in your house then this post would be of great help.

The spectacular engineered wood floor will lend a real wood flooring look in a space. Underlayment is indeed essential when you are all set to install engineered wood flooring. It offers safety, and additional support. This amazing flooring can be contoured using nail, staple, glue, or a click system.

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Know your options

As a leading flooring store, Floor Save takes pride in offering the unrivalled selection of wood flooring, Herringbone engineered flooring, and more. Folks, to make the most out of the underlayment, you will have to consider the right material. Underlayment is available in an array of materials, styles, and layers.

Most people fret over what sorts of underlay they should be using while installing their floor, so we have put together this guide for you. Please have a look at some of the following mainstream underlayment types for engineered hardwood flooring.


One of the easiest and most economical underlayment to install. It offers a high level of sound insulation, it is a great choice for restricting hollow noises. if you have a floating floor then foam is the best underlay option for you.


Known for its flexibility and pliability. It is one of the easiest underlayment to install.


This material provides excellent sound absorption and temperature insulation. Cork underlayment is the best option.


The easiest type of underlayment, it has moisture barrier and basic sound absorption capabilities.

Think about the subfloor condition

Well, the choice for engineered wood flooring underlay is overwhelming. As you all know, engineered wood flooring is a man-made creation that is constructed through variants of derivative wood products. The floating floor is ideal for engineered wood.

Always remember, the good quality engineered oak flooring underlay will not merely make the installation of your floor seamless, it will keep your floor intact and keep it looking graceful for even longer. Before you fit the floor you need to measure the moisture level in your subfloor.

Once you figure out the level of moisture you will be in a great position to opt for a suitable underlay for your home improvement project. The damp-proof membrane will act as a barrier between the damp areas in your subfloor and your engineered floor.

If you are opting for a floating method please be sure that it allows maximum heat transfer and offers other benefits of a quality underlay as well.

Do not go for the wrong underlay, consult flooring experts beforehand and get things done in the right manner. The excellent team at Floor Save will be elated to assist you with the best choices. You can even find an excellent selection of unfinished engineered flooring.

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