Spring is the time that home buyers who are in the market for a great new place will drive through neighborhoods, peruse online listings and enlist the help of real estate professionals in the quest for the perfect residence. Learning how to get your home ready for selling gets you prepared to display your property in its best light. How do you get started? How do you get your home ready for the spring real estate boom that is about to start?

Remove clutter

The American Cleaning Institute suggests that you start by getting rid of the clutter that seems to crowd so many visible surfaces. Clutter counteracts a tidy appearance, makes rooms seem smaller and instantly shrinks drawer and closet sizes. Dispose of clutter by getting rid of unwanted items and storing the rest off-site.

Clean the interior focal points

While it is true that potential home buyers will cut you some slack in the bedrooms, they expect near-perfect cleanliness in the kitchen, bathroom and living room. Invest in good-quality cleaning products that remove grease, soap scum and even old stains.

Let the light shine

Realtor Magazine explains that the light inside a home matters to potential buyers. Open the drapes, roll up the shades and let as much natural light into the home as possible. Turn on some lamps even if the sun is shining.

Clean up the outside

Store the children’s toys. Give the landscaping a good once-over. You frequently see fresh red cedar wood chips in flowerbeds of houses that are on the market. Real estate professionals – and buyers – love the crisp clean look this product gives the landscape. Power-wash the exterior of the home as well. Do not be afraid to bring in the professionals if the landscaping or home exterior is in bad shape. You will be surprised by how nice it will look when professionals work their crafts!

Replace broken windows and doors

Energy-efficient vinyl windows not only save the new homeowners money, which most certainly affects the buying decision, but they also offer great curb appeal. If you have several broken windows, do not let these eyesores persuade a would-be buyer to keep on driving.

Think ahead

The home inspection is another hurdle the seller must take head-on. The Cornerstone University Herald suggests getting your home ready for selling by thinking ahead to this particular event. A tidy home projects the impression that you are the kind of seller who has taken good care of the residence and kept up on regular maintenance tasks. Empty all appliances that the home inspector may test and ensure that all lights – inside and out – are in working order.

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