After paying to have solar panels installed, you would naturally feel inclined to keep them in good condition. In order to help you do just that, here are some solar panel maintenance tips for Nevada homeowners.

Ensure that you can stay safe first

The first thing you need to learn about home maintenance is that none of it is worth it if you get hurt. This is exactly why the first of our solar panel maintenance tips is to always prioritize your safety. After all, maintenance of your solar panels is often done on the roof. The only exception is the solar panels on the ground level, and they are extremely rare even outside of cities. Cities, meanwhile, pretty much ensure that you have no space for such a project and limit you to what you can fit onto your roof. Make absolutely sure your ladder is stable, and maybe even consider getting a protective helmet. It won’t prevent a fall, but it will protect your head from its effects. Also, we genuinely recommend that you never do solar panel maintenance alone.

The supplies you’ll need for solar panel maintenance in Nevada

Of course, the second of the important solar panel maintenance tips we have to offer you is to have the right equipment. Solar panels are, paradoxically, both tough and fragile at the same time. They can withstand some pretty crazy weather and conditions, which makes it possible to just hose them down when dirt starts accumulating. On the other hand, using detergent coupled with very hot or very cold water can be very, very bad for them. The best thing to use is a soft cloth or sponge and gentle, biodegradable dish soap for the latter. In fact, there are specialized cleaning solutions for solar panels on the market, and if you can afford them, use them! Having a soft bristle brush for getting rid of caked-on dirt is also very helpful.

Remember to disconnect the panels before working

Remember the whole ‘safety first’ spiel we just hit you with? Well, in a way, this is an extension of that. To forget to disconnect the panels when you plan to soak them is just silly and irresponsible. They produce electricity, after all, and it is best not to mix that with water. Now, it is true that we also said that they are rather robust and that a little water won’t really threaten their integrity in any way. Still, better safe than sorry, and even if solar panel maintenance turns into a routine, you still shouldn’t be careless.

Make sure no dirt or dust can accumulate on your panels

In Nevada, one of your biggest worries will be letting dust or dirt accumulate on your panels. You see, just like when there’s overcast weather or the panels are in the shade, if they get covered by a film of dust and dirt, they will no longer work effectively. Their efficiency will slowly grow abysmal to the point where their installation would barely be worth the investment. Granted, fixing the problem basically comes down to just wiping down the solar panels. But lots of people ignore such basic maintenance and suffer for it! You do not want to be one of them since panels can be very profitable if you keep them in good condition.

Check for loose parts

There are several things to pay attention to when talking about things that could grow loose on your solar panels and cause problems. If you want to properly maintain your home, then you need to ensure that any joints, nuts, and bolts are properly tightened on them. In addition, pay attention to the production monitoring device and make sure it’s adequately attacked since it will alert you if anything happens to threaten the integrity of the panels. Finally, disconnected or loose wires can negatively impact the output of your solar panels, so try to keep an eye out for those as well. You should, however, let professionals handle those if needed.

Are all your accessories working well too?

One of the best solar panel maintenance tips we can offer is to pay attention to the ‘accessories’ of your solar panels, too. They are detachable bits that are nonetheless crucial to the running of your panels. Examples include cables, regulators, power meters, energy storage batteries, and, most crucially, inverters. Inverters are what actually convert sun power into electric power. And they have indicator lights which you can monitor and which let you easily notice any problems. You can only really claim that a home has potential if its solar panels have everything they need to work properly.

The proper response to damage

During your routine maintenance, you might discover that your solar panels are damaged. So, would the appropriate response in this scenario be to try and fix things yourself? Absolutely not! Solar panels are complex and delicate pieces of equipment. So, any damage should be left up to professionals to handle. After all, some people prefer hiring solar panel cleaning services in Enterprise, Nevada, to let pros handle this entirely. This can be a bit too rough on one’s budget, though, which is why most people do it on their own.

Extreme temperatures and various weather conditions

The final things to discuss in our solar panel maintenance tips are temperature and weather conditions. First, know that solar panels really can withstand some crazy stuff. In fact, even if snow is covering your roof, as long as the panels themselves are not covered, they will function just fine. This is precisely why solar panels are considered to be among the improvements every fixer-upper house needs. They are nearly pure profit with very little risk of finicky business. It may surprise you to hear, but your solar panels actually need more help from you during summer than winter. Extreme heat makes them less effective, whereas extreme cold does little to hamper them. If you clean them often during this period, also know that hard water can leave behind splotches and layers of minerals which make solar panels less effective.

Solar panels in good order

With our solar panel maintenance tips for Nevada homeowners, you can keep your panels running properly. It will take a bit of work to get the skills and habits required, but it will quickly become just another part of your routine.

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