Whether you are male or female, “man cave” usually conjures up dingy dungeon-type rooms with malfunctioning neon signs on the walls and furniture that almost begs you not to sit down.

Think we’re kidding? We’re not … we’ve seen it.

But we also know that masculine spaces can be comfortable, welcoming, and enjoyable.

That’s why we want to show how your game space, music room, and, of course, sports zone, can become the favorite place in your house!

First, function.

To make the most of your space, let’s talk about how it will be used.

If you want to watch (or cheer for or yell at) sports – Final Four? Spring baseball? Playoffs? – the TV or large screen will be a focal point, which could also double for enjoying movies. Consider a sound bar system or surround sound speakers for that at-the-theater experience!

Instead of – or added to – sports and movie viewing, you might want a game room. If you have the space, include a poker table or pool table (football, anyone?). Comfortable chairs and tables for cards or board games also invite friends and family in to play!

There are also great options if you want a bar … consider durable – and beautiful! – granite countertops, stylish bar stools, and plenty of room for storage! Add a wine cooler or mini fridge, and run water in for a sink at a wet bar.

Second, style.

Of course, this is your space, so use your signature style. If you’re not sure where to start, we have some tried-and-true recommendations to make sure your room reflects your personal tastes.

We like oversized sofas and armchairs that almost whisper “comfort.” Consider how many pieces will fit in your space, but do resist the temptation to just buy a matching set from a furniture set up.

To make the space truly your own, mix and match styles that appeal to you. For a masculine look and feel, bring some of the outdoors inside – think wood and stone, leather and texture.

And, for any type of fan zone (or movie room or music space), surround yourself with unique and special-to-you conversation pieces or accessories. Well-placed art or posters, specific bar signs that reflect your style, and, of course, sports memorabilia are all part of the room’s experience. The guideline here is to choose carefully and use sparingly!

No matter how great you think the room looks, how it feels to you and your guests is what’s most important.

So, although fireplaces are always ambiance builders, sometimes they’re just not an option. You can still create that welcoming glow with warm colors such as rust, gold, and brown tones, and include soft textures with cushions and rugs.

What if your space is small? No worries … even a corner of a room can be your own! Surround yourself with comfort things … cherished memorabilia, small bistro table and chairs, and maybe a TV that also serves as a movie screen.

One of our favorite mood-setters is light. Nothing says “welcome” more than appropriate lighting you can dial up and down for music, movies, games, and sports. Aim for adjustable lighting throughout the room, rather than a single source of harsh or static glare.

And, although we do recommend the mix-and-match décor style, do think twice about those hand-me-down lamps, outdated colors, or items that create an out-of-sync feel … a hodge-podge instead of a comprehensive grouping.

Enter, entertainment.

Whether your new entertainment space is a full room off the main floor, a lower-level sanctuary, or a fun-had-here corner of the family room, make the most of the space you have.

Focus on the main activities: set up game tables, build in a TV, arrange comfortable seating. Use the space for accents and pieces that reflect your style and create enjoyment. Carve out a niche, if necessary, that’s just right for your favorite movies, music, sports.

Now that doesn’t really sound like a dreary dungeon, does it?

P.S. Look for texture with unique wall hangings, rugs and flooring, lamps, and touchable fabrics. Here are some we like: floor lamp, textured rug, unique wall art.

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