If your windshield has seen its better days, there are many important reasons to take the plunge of total replacement.  While windshield replacement in Denver can certainly improve the appearance of your vehicle, there are more serious reasons to consider this upgrade.  A damaged windshield is against the law in many states.  Be sure that you are following your state’s laws by maintaining your windshield.

Just the same as a non-functional headlight, police may pull you over for driving your vehicle with damage to the windshield.  Even seemingly minor damage is enough to warrant the police pulling you over.  You can be fined for damage such a circular bullseye crack or a long crack running down your windshield.  At a minimum, you may receive a warning from police that includes a time frame for which you are required to have the windshield repaired to avoid more severe consequences, such as a court-ordered fine.  Once the crack has caused you to be pulled over, procrastination is not your friend.  If you do not take care of it within the time frame dictated by the police, your car may be subject to impoundment until the repair is completed.

Avoid having a run in with the law.  Instead be sure to contact a windshield repair/replacement company and have the issue taken care of right away.  If you are worried about the cost, remember accruing expensive fines or losing your car altogether can cost you much more than just having the crack taken care of in the beginning.  In most cases, your auto insurance will pay for windshield damage.  Contact your local glass repair company to get an accurate estimate based upon your insurance.

How Did It Happen?

If you are wondering how your windshield became damaged in the first place, the most common phenomenon is damage sustained due to a bouncing stone.  However, this is not the only way your windshield may sustain damage.  Changing temperatures are also a common culprit.  If you have a very small nick, it can be exacerbated by changes in the weather.  The simple principles of shrinking and expansion due to very hot or cold weather can cause a small area of damage to become a huge problem.

 Particularly in very cold parts of the country, it can be difficult to get your car thawed out on cold mornings.  Many people make the innocent mistake of trying to thaw out their windshield more quickly with a hot bucket of water.  While this may be effective at removing the ice, it can also effectively shatter your windshield, or at the very least cause harmful cracking.

Operating your vehicle in haste may also lead to windshield damage.  Forgetting to slow down for speed bumps or hitting a ditch can severely damage your windshield as well.  It is possible to crack, shatter, or splinter your windshield simply due to haphazard driving. Regardless, of how your windshield became damaged, it is important that you have it replaced or repaired as quickly as possible.  This can prevent more extensive damage, costly fines, and potential danger to your family when the windshield fully shatters.  Don’t delay, contact your local glass repair company immediately if your windshield has sustained damage!

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Afton Jackson · July 29, 2020 at 5:23 am

Your point about how changing temperatures can make windshield damage worse really caught my attention. My sister does a lot of traveling in her car, and while she swears she drives properly, she’s been showing me pictures of cracks forming in her windshield. When I remember that she usually goes to parts of the country that have very high and low temperatures, it makes sense that this would happen, so I’ll inform her about it and get a windshield replacement service to help her out before she goes on more trips.

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