We know that you want to focus on enjoying the lazy, hazy days of summer – and winter months isn’t even on your radar. But if you own an older home, now is the time to start thinking about what to do once winter hits.

Follow these simple weather proofing tips for old windows in the next few weeks and you will save energy and money when the cold wind blows.

Is Your Home Drafty?

You may not be aware of just how drafty your windows might be, but if you remember wearing a lot of sweaters last winter, you might just have drafts seeping in through the windows.

Try these quick draft checks:

  • Examine your windows, looking for cracks and crevices
  • Hold your hand near the edges to detect a temperature change
  • After the sun goes down, grab a bright flashlight and step outside. Be sure the lights are off inside the house and shine the flashlight around the windows. Can a family member see light shining through?
  • Hold a feather or facial tissue close to the window. Does it move?
  • Take a lighted candle near the window and watch for the flame to flicker. (Of course, you’ll want to be careful with this one)

Now that you have located the window drafts that quietly raise your monthly energy bills, you’ll want to takes steps to repair them. Take a few minutes to clean the windows to be sure the materials you apply will adhere properly. If you find cracked window panes, replace them before you repairs the drafts.

Sealing the Deal

Check out the following easy steps to tightening up your home:

  • Grab the caulk gun and get busy. Don’t be stingy with it. Caulk every possible crack and smile while you do it. You’re saving yourself some money!
  • Step outside and continue the caulking party. Look for places your windows and doors are beginning to show their age. Give them a much-needed boost with weather proofing materials.
  • Go online and peruse the assortment of draft guards on the market. You’ll find your favorite college teams, cute kittens and puppies, and the latest and coolest chevron patterns among your many choices. You can place these guards along windows and doors and make a personality statement at the same time.

Other Options

  • Weather-stripping. Be sure you purchase self-adhesive stripping. You will be able to apply it with greater ease.
  • Hardware and home improvement stores sell weather proofing plastic for windows. When cut larger than the window and securely taped in place, this plastic shield acts like another pane of glass.

The next important step is contacting the best window repair and replacement pros in your area. They will send a qualified professional out at your convenience for a no pressure, no obligation estimate. You will want to see what your options are and what project will work best for your home and your budget. Their free estimates will be provided in detailed, written form.

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