When chosen correctly, curtains make a room. Curtains are unquestionably a substantial part of a well thought-out interior and there are ample reasons why this is so.

Windows are an inseparable part of a home and home treatment is of utmost importance but often it takes a back seat. Window treatment is all about color and fabric, length and lining and when the battle is between off-the-shelf and custom-made, the latter always wins.

One might feel overwhelmed with so many choices available in the market but following what your heart really desires is what matters. After all, good curtains have the power convert a space from four walls and a ceiling into a place that stir up a particular feeling, or add to a certain style.

While selecting and deciding upon custom made curtains, there are many points one has to keep in mind and fabric certainly tops the list; since the material will dictate how well your curtains function and hold up over time.

Some points to keep in mind

  • Experts state that it is wise to keep the curtains not too heavy and too light. As the former will not fold crisply when drawn and the latter may not fall well.
  • It is always better to pleat it like an accordion at the top and let it drape.
  • Always remember to consider working with a large sample, which is at least two yards, since a smaller piece may conceal the fabric’s proper drape.
  • If your room receives too much sunlight then the colors will fade away sooner than you expect and do not use bright colors in this case. Considering darker tones is a smart choice in this case.

Custom-made curtains can easily make a room appear larger or smaller than it actually is as it’s all in the trick of the eye.

If you have a room which you want to look large then curtains should be hung high and wide. In a room without trim – try around 15cm above the window, and with trim – 10cm. Also, the curtain tracks can be kept extended further than the windows because this will create an illusion of more space and will allow more sunlight and air.

Also, in small rooms; large patterns and horizontal stripes should be avoided and the opposite applies to large-scale living rooms. For large sized rooms; you can definitely take a call and go big, go bold, and go for layering.

There are many benefits of custom-made window curtains and we have listed some here.

  • It is possible that the windows in your home can be smaller or larger than the standard curtain size and if you get the curtains custom-made then you can customize the dimensions to your window size and create a tailored look.
  • There are endless options to choose from for custom panels. The material and header style can be chosen depending on your taste.
  • Custom-made curtains can be made to coordinate with the design features of your home. Curtains have the ability to accentuate design features in your home like vaulted ceilings or distinctive cornices.
  • You can also choose what suits your pocket rather than choosing the standard off-the-shelf options available.

Curtains can add a lot of dimension and texture to a room and they have the ability to help establish a particular mood or feeling in a living room.

There are blinds in various styles and patterns but curtains offer a more conventional window-treatment look and an even superior prospect to put in height, color, texture, and pattern.

There is so much you can do with custom-made curtains. Choose fabrics from cottons, velvet, satin, brocade, linen and much more.

Here is a list of what is in and what is not for curtains


The trend gathering momentum is anything that you’re able to do yourself. Be it making some designs on the fabric that you choose for the curtains or dying fabrics according to your taste and style. Ever heard of block printing?

Plaid and Bold Designs and Hues

Plaids are an absolute classic and so are bold patterns and off-the-trend colors. Hot pinks, teal blues and aquamarines will add color and a hint of pop if you go bubblegum pink.


A return to handcrafted authenticity is what adds that special touch that you probably are looking for. When compared to mass-produced; authentic and rare pieces are a hit.


Bringing back the charm of 1970s and 1980s is what retro is all about. Retro supremacy will never go out of fashion.

Vibrant Statement Makers

Vibrancy is beautiful and appealing. The color coral is what the trend now is. The color is versatile and adds an accentuated level of vibrancy.  

Go Natural

Nature is never out of fashion. The color green and white is a no-fail standalone or as a combination. White adds serenity and green adds crisp freshness.

Boho and Vintage Modern

Layered pattern but slightly more cleaner and brighter is what is trending now.

From binding collectively furnishings and household items together, to creating a statement of their own, customised curtains have ample variety to suit any interior decor.

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