Not Likely… But They Can Fix It So You Don’t Have To, Either

One of the best – and worst – aspects of our Rocky Mountain lifestyle is our climate.

Newcomers to the area may not know that Denver, Colorado was known for generations as “The Climate Capital Of The World.”  It said so, right on the front page of every edition of our daily newspaper!

That’s because we always enjoyed “typical” weather in all four seasons of the year.  Warm summer sun… great conditions for growing in the spring and harvesting in the fall… and, of course, the sort of winter weather that was the envy of skiers the world over.

We still have these wonderful conditions, of course (even though the papers have stopped trumpeting our status as a “climate capital”).  But this time of year, the mere mention of snow can call to mind less-pleasant images than those of schussing down our beautiful mountain slopes.

Most years, Denver-area homeowners can expect to spend more hours than they’d like in back-breaking labor, scooping as much as three feet of snow (and occasionally more!) from their walks and driveways.

That’s why many of our neighbors have opted to trade in their snow shovel for a heated driveway system.

And your qualified local electrical company can help!  Maybe your electrician won’t shovel snow from your driveway… but they can fix it so the snow doesn’t accumulate there in the first place.

Heated Driveway Systems: Not Just For The Rich And Famous

For some homeowners, a heated driveway system might be more than a luxury.  Busy professional couples, older folks, or people with reduced mobility can find it a struggle to keep their outdoor surfaces safe and passable in the winter.

Others just grow tired of shoveling the snow – or paying neighbor-kids or contractors to do it for them.

Still other homeowners recognize the powerful investment a heated driveway system represents in the value of their property – whether they’re sprucing up to sell the house, or planning to stay for years to come.

(Then, of course, there also are the rich-and-famous Colorado homeowners who wouldn’t do without the latest modern conveniences!  After all, the sports star down the road has a heated driveway….)

Whatever the reason, many Denver-area homeowners are making that call to their electrician or contractor, and finding that a heated driveway system might make more sense (and be more affordable) than they expected.

The “Magic” Of A Heated Driveway System

Here’s how it works: Pipes or tubes are installed below your driveway surface, and when it snows, all you have to do is flip a switch from the comfort of your home to send heated water and antifreeze circulating through the tubes.

Snow doesn’t accumulate on your heated driveway… instead, it melts.

Of course, it’s best to replace the driveway (any maybe it’s time to do so)… that way, you can be sure the heating system is installed properly.

But in some cases, especially if the project is undertaken before the ground freezes, you can have the system installed under your existing driveway.  (A word of caution: heating systems installed beneath existing driveways generally don’t come with much of a warranty.)

And your front porch… outdoor walkways… patios… you can install a heating system under any surface you don’t want to shovel.

Since your heated driveway system is basically an outdoor application of a radiant floor heating system, don’t forget that you can warm the floors inside your home, too.  This can be the perfect solution for additions (where it can be difficult to extend the HVAC system), bathrooms, or kitchens.

For installation of a heated floor or driveway system, you’ll want to involve a contractor with experience in this type of project.  But you’ll also want to involve your electrician, to make sure your home’s power system is properly set up to handle the job.

For indoor heated flooring projects, your electrician might be able to handle most of the job… and that can greatly enhance the value of your home without breaking your budget.

The falling leaves will soon give way to falling snow.  Call your qualified local electrician today, and get an estimate on what it would take to remove snow shoveling from your winter to-do list.  What a wonderful holiday gift to give yourself and your family… and anyone who visits your home!

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