Sometimes, while watching movies, you dream of having a movie-like balcony. You also wish to enjoy the fresh air of the morning with a cup of coffee in your balcony. But a few people living in apartments consider it as mission impossible due to small balcony.

But the reality is, to establish a garden balcony, having ample space is not mandatory. For this, you just need three things: creativity, colours, and dimensions. If you are not convinced with it, read on the article as we have talked about 12 surprising ideas to make your dream a reality:

1. Add green rugs instead of tiles

To give a lawn-type look to your balcony, you can add green rugs instead of tiles. As an alternate affordable option, you can even use artificial grass tiles above composite decking boards. There are various designs to pair these two materials to make a trendy balcony lawn which you can check on Google.

If you have a large balcony, then think of adding a deck, especially the composite one. A composite deck is a hand-made product comprising of recycled wood fibres and plastics. And it is gaining huge popularity amongst many homeowners due to its long-lasting nature. Therefore, placing it in your balcony will be a great idea. However, before proceeding, make sure you are aware of dos and don’ts of composite decking installation as it will allow you to make an informed decision.

2. Use the space vertically

If you have a small balcony, then you will have less space to create a lawn. But don’t worry much and go vertical. Hang your pots of colourful flowers vertically on your balcony walls and fence. It will look decorative and attractive, creating more space for other things.

You can use plastic bottles, unused furniture or baskets to grow your plants in planters. And you can also place colourful perennial flowers and plants as it will look good in this style.

3. Decorate railings with climber plants

Some of the best climber plants like Wisteria Sinensis and Star Jasmine would be an ideal fit for your railings. It will cover your balcony ceiling, rails as well as walls and will provide you a shady and private flora sanctuary for your balcony.

4. Put up some shelves and hooks

Shelves and hooks are not just for your interiors. They will compliment well with pretty pots and accessories in your balcony. You don’t need to buy any furniture for this if you have an old one at your home. Use that to create shelves and decorate it with flowerpots and other accessories.

You can even use hooks on your walls and hang some flowerpots there.

5. Add a folding dining table or hammock

All you need is to enjoy a cup of coffee in the sun-kissed morning with a cool fresh breeze. Based on your personal choices, you can choose the furniture. You can place a small folding dining table with two chairs so that you can anytime remove it when extra space is needed. As an alternate option, you can also opt for a hammock or swing.

6. Add a matching outdoor rug

Increase the beauty of your balcony with a matching outdoor rug. Make sure you choose the one which goes well with other elements. For instance, you can use bold black and white rug as it will go well with a white background.

7. Get some privacy for yourself

If the view from your balcony is your neighbours window or balcony, then create a natural wall by adding tall plants. For this, you can use bamboo shades as they can be raised and lowered as needed.

8. Put white colours

This is the most important part of turning your balcony into a small garden. The colour of your walls conveys your style to your guests. And white is the rich colour to put it on your walls. It has a brightening and lightening properties due to which you can create an illusion that your space is bigger than this. Also, white furniture with white-painted brickwork will be a good summer look.

9. Plan a multitasking garden

If you have less space, then make sure it is properly utilised. You may also need built-in seating to enjoy comfy time at night, right? So, place a sofa attached to your balcony wall and arrange for some multiple-coloured cushions.

Now, either have me-time looking at the moon and reading a book or spend quality time with your partner discussing your dreams.

10. Give a stylish lighting touch

Balconies are the best place to spend time under the dim lights. Lightings cannot be ignored as it always adds a bit of drama to any space. You can decorate your balcony garden with dim and small lanterns and different colour light series.

You can place several lanterns on your wall and light up candles in it, making a perfect match for a romantic dinner.

11. Put some accessories on your walls

You can add any of your favourite themes and decorate your walls with wall-hanging and other decorative items. Try to select whether-proof items that can make them suitable for your outdoor use.

12. Place a mirror

Placing a mirror in your balcony may sound weird but it will give you an urban look. Use it to visually double the amount of space and increase light levels in dark corners.

To enhance the beauty of the mirror, put some ornamental grasses and climbing plants beside it.


Did you realise how lucky are you to get a balcony, irrespective of the fact, that it is small? Now, take out a piece of paper and put down your favourite ideas. Buy the materials and start transforming your balcony from top to bottom and yeah, don’t forget to give it a filmy look.

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