Why should your home’s main entrance get all your love and attention? If you’re about to make a few changes to your yard, don’t neglect your garden gate. Here are some of the most popular garden gate ideas in 2020.

1. Natural Archway

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Add a sense of mystery and whimsy to your property by creating a natural archway leading to your garden. All you need are some climbing plants and a metal wireframe to start you off. Then, before long, you can have your very own home-made garden gate entrance.

2. Cedar Materials

Source: Lumberjocks

One of the most aesthetically pleasing gates you can add to your garden is a cedar one. Cedar is durable, thrives in moist environments, and is naturally beautiful. And better yet, because it’s a porous wood, it can absorb sounds. Kids playing in the yard need never be a problem for your neighbors.

3. Cottage Style

If you pride yourself on having a cottage-style garden, then why not have a cottage-style gate to match? Design a flora-rich pathway to a beautiful little wooden gate. You can either leave it natural or paint it white.  

4. Rustic Stone

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Sometimes, it’s not the garden gate itself that matters, but the materials to which it’s attached. A rustic stone border or archway with a simple gate can offer a sense of whimsy. It’s like stepping into a mysterious space every time you enter your own garden.

5. Picket Fence Style

Source: theokiehome

If you love the idea of a neat and tidy garden, then you can’ go wrong with a white picket gate to match a white picket fence! This classic fencing and gate style never goes out of fashion and is both cost-effective and easy to maintain.

6. Natural Wood

If you don’t want to go overboard with material use and design, then a simple, natural wood can be all you need. After all, there’s nothing quite like being introduced to a natural setting, such as a garden, by a natural gate. If you want to add a bit of flair, opt for striking black hinges and latches.

7. Front Door

Source: Ronald Thompson

Who said a garden gate had to be a gate? Why can’t it be a front door instead? If you’re renovating your home or you’ve come across an incredibly beautiful outside door during your shopping excursions, then it could be the right fit for your garden. All that’s left to do is install it onto your fence.

8. Saloon Gates

Source: House Beautiful

Take a step back in time to the wild west by installing saloon-style gates at the entrance to your garden. The beauty of such a gate is that when your hands are full of gardening supplies, you can push through without using your hands. You can then choose to lock them at night or leave them to swing freely.

9. Sticks

If you’re feeling a little creative, there’s no reason why you can’t form a new garden gate out of sticks. All you need to do is build a timber frame then install sticks in the center. You can put in as many sticks as you like – depending on how private you want your garden to be. Welcome your guests to nature by using nature.

10. Screen Door

Source: Dishfunctional

Sometimes, you want your garden to be open and visible, but keeping your pets and children safe is your top priority. Achieve both with a screen door. Just as you would put a screen door over your home’s front door to keep bugs out, you can use one as a garden gate.

11. Woven Design

Source: Wonder Wood Willow

Weaving is an age-old skill that never seems to lose its popularity. With the weaving of materials, you can create a fun, strong, and unique garden gate that stands out from the crowd.

12. Wrought Iron

Source: Pixabay

If strength and whimsy are your two biggest concerns with choosing a garden gate, then let wrought iron deliver. Not only can you purchase all manner of beautiful designs, but enjoy peace of mind that wrought iron is made to last the distance.

13. Recycled & Reclaimed

Source: thujawoodart

It’s now more critical than ever before to reuse, recycle, and reclaim. So, why not start with your garden gate? Use scraps of material lying around your garden to create a rustic gate. Otherwise, make use of an old front door that you can cut down to size or decorate as you wish. The goal here is to use what you already have.

14. Privacy Gate

Source: gardentrellis

If you like your friends and family to spend time in your yard without the world watching, then a privacy gate can be quite desirable. Fortunately, there are plenty of different options available. Some of the more popular ones are contemporary steel doors that don’t allow people to look in, under, or over the top.

15. Gothic Theme

Source: thegallopinggardener

Welcome an otherworld charm with a gothic-inspired door. These old, antique doors look beautiful as natural wood or painted. They also have a pointed top that’s sure to impress those who want a private and mysterious garden.

16. Double Doors

Source: tekplas

If you’ve got quite a wide entry to your garden, then there’s no harm in making use of two doors. Get creative and create a double-door entrance that’s both practical and fun.

17. A Work of Art

Source:  livinglocurto.com

Why does a gate just have to be a gate? Why can’t it also make a statement? Get creative by incorporating works of art into your gate’s design. You may even like to contact a local artist to see what they can come up with.  

18. Revolving Gate

Source: ryangainey

A traditional gate opens from one end and is fixed from the other. Still, who says it had to be like that? You can now buy revolving gates that pivot in the middle. Access your garden or home from the left or right.

19. Stainless-Steel Creation

Source:  edelstahl-atelier.de

Stainless steel is a desirable material for many reasons. It’s corrosion-resistant, fire and heat resistant, and easy to clean. So, why not have it as your primary gate material? It’ll look striking and be convenient.

20. Antique Wooden Doors

Source: anglianhome.co.uk

Welcome whimsy and charm to your property with the addition of antique wooden doors. With so many intricate details and some of the best quality wood, that old saying of “they don’t make ‘em like they used to” often rings true.

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