If you’re considering replacing your existing windows, it’s vital to do your homework! Without appropriate research into products, services and the companies themselves, you may find that you end up paying too much, or that your job is completed ineffectively.

However, if you make sure that all your boxes are ticked, and you’ve received a number of quotes from various reputable window companies, you can rest assured and be confident that your windows will be a positive, long-lasting investment for your property. A double glazing specialist would, and should, be happy to answer any questions you may have.

To avoid any problems with the supply and installation of your new windows, it’s important to ask these 20 questions before replacing your new windows.

1. “Can You Manufacture Bespoke Windows?”

If you have a very particular style or size of window in mind, find out if they are able to fulfil your requirements.

2. “Do You Have Any Customer Reviews?”

Just because a company says they’re the bees knees, it doesn’t mean they are. Check out their online reviews for an idea of their reputation.

3. “How Long Have You Been In The Industry?”

A company with over ten years’ experience in the industry can potentially be more trustworthy than one that’s just come about.

4. “How Much Will My New Windows Cost?”

Be sure to obtain an accurate quote before proceeding with any work to ensure that the cost meets your proposed budget.

5. “Can I See My Windows Before They Are Installed?”

You should be allowed to see your windows before they are fitted in your property so that you can be sure that they are exactly what you want. 

6. “Do I Need To Pay A Deposit?”

Any hidden costs or surprise invoices can cause a lot of problems. Make sure you’re aware of how much you need to pay and when.

7. “What Happens To My Old Windows?”

If you wish to save windows that aren’t in a state of disrepair, communicate with your chosen company before windows are disposed of.

8. “How Long Will It Take For The Windows To Be Installed?”

Each company will have its own process in place and timeframes may differ from business to business so be sure to ask for an approximation.

9. “Are You FENSA Accredited?”

Accreditations are the key indicator of a reputable, trustworthy, and perhaps more importantly, compliant company.

10. “Do You Provide After Sales Care?”

Find out about the company’s after sales care process (if there is one) and whether or not this has been included within your initial quotation.

11. “Can You Show Me Your Previous Work?”

Photos and case studies of previous window installation project can give you a good idea of the company’s capabilities and quality of work.

12. “What Is The Energy Efficiency Rating Of My New Windows?”

The more energy efficient your new windows are, the better insulated your home will be, the more money you could potentially save on your household energy bills.

13. “Do You Provide Guarantees?”

Most reputable window fitting companies will provide lengthy guarantees for your new windows to ensure that you’re covered.

14. “Which Security Features Are Included?”

Make sure you know about the locking mechanisms and additional safety features that are included as part of your new windows.

15. “Will I Need To Redecorate Afterwards?”

This may be a requirement for some, but not for others. It’s important to know what to expect after your windows are installed.

16. “Do You Offer Finance On New Windows?”

A full set of new windows is likely in the thousands, so find out if a finance option is more suited to your budget.

17. “Can I Choose The Colour Of My Windows?”

Many window companies provide standard colours and some even offer bespoke, so be sure to enquire about their product offerings.

18. “Which Styles Of Windows Do You Supply?”

Although you have a style in mind, when presented with alternative window styles, you may find another that is more suited to your home.

19. “Are Your Windows CE Marked?”

CE Marketing is a mandatory requirement for products sold in the EEA. As a legal requirement, it’s vital that your windows are CE marked.

20. “What Would YOU Recommend?”

Sometimes, professional recommendations can save you money & help you to select more appropriate windows so be open to opinions from window specialists.

Helpful? We Hope So!

Replacing windows in your property requires a significant investment so it’s important that you are totally confident in the company you choose to supply and install your windows, and of course, the windows themselves.

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