Flies are probably one of the most irritating pests to be in the same room with. Between hearing their constant buzzing, trying to keep them from landing on your or your food, and swatting them quick enough to successfully squash them…it’s easy to say that their presence is definitely unwanted. Once they’re inside, they invade your kitchen, pantry, and dining area. Basically anywhere that they can find food!  You may try to rid of these icky little pests, but to your discontent this is generally an ongoing battle that you won’t seem to win.

*Warning: Repulsive content ahead!* If flies follow their instinct, it is likely that they will land on germ infested and/or fecal matter, and then proceed to land on your food. We know what you’re thinking…YIKES. Their legs are the carriers of different germs and bacteria, and these revolting pests produce waste every time that they land on something. It’s evident that for many reasons we don’t want these in our homes, so we’ve made a quick list of how to get them out and fast!

Keep Things Squeaky Clean

Keep Things Squeaky Clean

What one of the most obvious solutions to any insect problem is cleanliness. Most insects, including flies, love places that are full of food, dirt, and bacteria – oh my! Disinfecting your kitchen, bathroom, dining room, and other rooms will reduce the desire for insects to roam your home. Clean thoroughly after cooking and eating, do not leave dirty dishes in your sink, and make sure to take your trash out at the appropriate times. Doing all of these simple tasks could be the easy solution you didn’t know you needed, and will aid in the prevention of any other common household pests that have the same tendencies for habitation such as cockroaches, ants, and more.

Essential Oil Spray

Essential Oil Spray

There are many varieties of strongly scented plants that natural oils are extracted from. You can either choose to grow these plants yourself, or purchase bottles of the plants’ concentrated oils in your quest to get rid of these annoying pests in your home. Herbal plants have antibacterial and antiviral capabilities that will aid in keeping a healthy environment for the people in your home, and who doesn’t want that? You can use Lavender, Peppermint, Tansy, Wormwood and Bay Leaf to ward off flies. If you have any of the specific plants we’ve listed, all you have to do is place these plants to the areas where flies and other insects frequent. This could be around your doors and window sills, on counters or tables, etc. This route is also a win for those who enjoy home decor! If you don’t consider yourself to be a green-thumbed person at all, or if you just don’t have the time to grow and maintain plants in your home, you can resort to using the essential oils. Simply mix any combination of essential oil that you prefer with water and then spray. You have to remember to be continuously shaking the solution while spraying it on different areas in your house so you will keep the solution equally mixed. This solutions is also a great way to freshen up your living spaces and bring a nice, natural and clean smell.

Use Light Traps

UV Light traps

UV Light traps are known to be ideal in catching house flies and other insects that are lingering inside and out of homes. With the light being emitted by these kind of traps come the luring of the insects, which in turn gets them killed through electric shock as soon as they try to get close to the light. To implement this solution, all you have to do is purchase UV light traps and place them 4 to 6 feet above the floor, preferably to in range of the height where you most encounter the flies. It is also important to note to place them where they cannot be seen from the outside of your house, in order to prevent luring in any more flies from the outside. Once you do all of this, simply leave on the light(s)  until the presence of the flies are noticeably lessened.

Call Professional Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services

If you resort to this solution, it’s because your fly problem is out of your control or you don’t have the time to deal with it. When selecting the pest control company of your choice, it is important to perform some background research and make a evaluative decision. Companies that specialize in eliminating a wide range of pests in different levels of infestations are ideal, because that means they know how to best handle your specific situation and can adhere to your needs. Some ways to perform research when making your decision will be to read all reviews of the company, call and receive a quote on your needed service, and analyze what you think they company values.

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