Bring together the textures, colors, and finishes of metal in your interior design for a home that just says “wow.” Mixing metal is right on trend, and there’s no better way to create interest than by blending your favorite metal finishes.

Metal fixtures, furniture, and accessories are ideal for any room – in comfortable living spaces like the one above, in kitchens and dining rooms, and even in bathrooms and bedrooms … wrought iron bedframes, anyone?

Combining metals in your home décor may seem complicated, but it’s an interior design art guided by a few simple principles:

Choose the atmosphere you want to create.

Are you rustic or modern? Easy-going or sophisticated? Farmhouse or urban condo? Or some combination of the above? Defining the atmosphere you want to create is your first step to selecting from the exciting metal options for your home décor.

  • For an understated look, consider the soft finish of matte black wrought iron.
  • Add warmth to any room with the glow of copper and oil-brushed bronze.
  • Choose from gold or brass to add a color pop to another metal family, such as silver or nickel. (See more about metal families in #2!)

If you want modern, consider a stainless steel kitchen like this one … and be sure to incorporate complementary metal such as the brass hardware here. Look up to the ceiling to add light fixtures consistent with your theme!

For that homey feel, mix metal finishes with wooden furniture (more about this in an upcoming blog post!). The wood tones in this dining room blend seamlessly with the darker oil rubbed bronze hardware in the kitchen and the glow of the champagne bronze chandelier.

Whatever you decide, there are more than enough interesting, appealing, and welcoming combinations to bring your interior design dreams to life!

When you mix metal finishes, consider the different families.

Metal has families? Sure! For example, we recommend that you don’t use two different types of silver tones in the same room, such as chrome and satin nickel. Think about including some rich oil-rubbed bronze with your satiny nickel, or add bright brass with a smooth matte black wrought iron finish.

When mixing metals, be intentional in your choices. Consider the atmosphere and themes of your rooms, as well as all your other color choices for furniture, paint, and accessories, such as those in this cozy bungalow.

But don’t add too many!

For most spaces, we recommend two different types of metals. These are your “core metals.”

The mixture of stainless steel appliances with the brass hardware and brass faucet make this kitchen a showstopper! Simple, clean, consistent, and appealing design … all with thoughtful and intentional planning.

If you are decorating a large room, however, you can sparingly add more colors or finishes to accent your core metals. Be mindful not to let the combinations get too busy-looking and overwhelm your space.

The more contrast you use, the better!

When choosing your two core metals, think light vs. dark or shiny vs. matte. Your mixed-metal look can take advantage of these differences to add interest to your space, but not draw attention away from the cohesive look of the room.

Look how the bright gold overhead lights in this kitchen coordinate – but don’t clash – with the matte black metal of the doors, hardware, and chandelier over the eating space. The similar designs of the light fixtures subtly echo each other for a space that’s interconnected and cohesive!

Expand and include to complete your look.

Think top to bottom and side to side when mixing metals in your interior design, and complete the look with a feature or accessory that brings it all together. For example, we incorporated matte black hardware and light gold fixtures in this stunning kitchen. The inclusive piece? The faucet, below, in a unique blend of both finishes!

The possibilities for mixing metals in your home décor may seem endless, but you don’t need to be overwhelmed. Choose from the exciting variety of metals, and follow our five guidelines to create the look you, your family, and your guests will love!

P.S. Don’t forget about texture, texture, texture! Include brushed bronze or nickel, hammered copper or tin, knobby and knotted wrought iron … you’ll not only add visual interest to your décor, but also introduce a tactile appeal your family and friends will enjoy.

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