What Do Residential Interior Designers Do?

Residential design encompasses more than just rearranging furniture or picking out a color scheme for a home interior design project. Residential design focuses on how usable a space is and makes improvements that bring that area of your home to life. While many residential interior designers offer a variety of services focused on improving the look of a room or home, others goes beyond to expand how a room can be used and solving related issues. This gives clients the ability to utilize their home in ways they only dreamed of. Residential interior designers help clients through several different stages of residential design, from minor upgrades to construction management of large remodel projects.

How Residential Interior Designers Can Help

Unfortunately, most people are not 100% in love with their home, often because of problematic areas or issues that make some spaces uncomfortable, awkward to decorate or unusable. Home layouts, living room design and bedroom design ideas have shifted throughout decades of trends and improvements, which can make it difficult to fully design a space to your needs or preferences. Luckily, some of the residential design strategies can upgrade a space from cramped to comfortable or useless to usable.

Countless residential design issues can plague homeowners. Some of the most common are:

Not enough storage space

Residential Interior Designers can determine your storage needs and ways to construct or modify existing storage to suit your needs and clear clutter.

Poorly lit or windowless areas

Darker areas of a home can be less desirable to use, but Residential Interior Designers can provide attractive solutions to lighten a space or better utilize natural light.

Lack of overhead lighting or too many fixtures in one space

Some homes have minimal overhead lighting or lighting systems that don’t enhance the space. Residential Interior Designers can revamp problematic lighting.

Unusually shaped rooms or areas

Odd-shaped rooms can be difficult to use or decorate. Residential Interior Designers can create a plan for utilizing the space you have in the best way possible.

Working around large, necessary appliances such as furnaces

Bulky duct-work or appliances can get in the way of how you use a space. Residential Interior Designers can provide interior design solutions that best utilize the space you have in a way that allows a room to flow instead of being interrupted by clunky appliances.

Poor flow or design

In some cases, homeowners simply are not happy with the design of a particular room (such as a kitchen or bathroom). Residential Interior Designers can lead you through the remodeling process to deliver home interior design that fits your needs.

Space becomes difficult to access

People with accessibility needs may find it difficult to access and utilize all areas of their home. Residential Interior Designers can create modifications and solutions so that all parts of your space are convenient and easy to use.

A room is no longer used

Many parents of adult children find that they reclaim portions of their home later in life, only to be unsure of how to use the space. People with lifestyle changes can benefit from residential interior design services to upgrade and best use their space.

Give Your Residential Interior Designers Team a Call

There’s no reason to continue closing the door to a space or wishing for improved interior design – residential interior designers are here to help. Our residential interior designers also create budget analyses and projections and handle project planning and management, meaning we can design a space to your needs with budget and timeframe in mind.

Every residential and interior design project is unique and cater to a variety of needs and upgrades. If you’re ready to make your space yours, contact your residential interior designers.

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