A white kitchen sounds and looks like a dream world to any homeowner. Imagine yourself standing in the kitchen where all the walls and cabinetry are white! Doesn’t it feel amazing and stunning? When the natural light streams in from the windows and make this kitchen so stunning and glamorous, don’t you feel proud as the homeowner? So, now, for this kitchen, you have to bring in some contrast to make it more stylish.

Why Does Your White Kitchen Need Contrast?

Even though a white kitchen sounds great, there are several factors that you need to know about to understand why you need to bring in contrast.

  • White kitchen decor can look monotonous. A contrast will break the monotony of the style while adding some character to it.
  • Contrast is a stylish choice that will help you make your kitchen look stunning.
  • Adding contrasting elements is a functional choice too so that you can keep some of the places of your kitchen dark colored so that it can hide the dirt.

So, if you are looking for some creative and stylish ways to add a touch of contrast with your white kitchen cabinets, then you must take a look at the following points.

Dark Countertop

Choosing dark countertops is the perfect and simplest way to bring in some contrast in your kitchen. No matter how old this trend is, the charcoal dark granite and the black granite are here to stay. This will be a great way to add contrast with your upper and lower antique white kitchen cabinets. And as the countertops are the areas in the kitchen that are most touched and dirty, the black color will keep the dirt concealed for a long time, adding to the functionality of your kitchen.

Right Hardware

Another quite easy form of adding contrast with your white kitchen cabinets is to go for the right hardware. Choosing dark hardware can be the best way for you. You can go for oil-rubbed bronze, pewter, copper or any other type of dark finish if your kitchen is traditional in style. If you are going for a little modern touch, then going for the steel and chrome will be a great way for you.

Dark Fixtures

Just like the way you are going for the darker hardware for your RTA cabinets wholesale, going for a dark fixture can be a subtle way to bring in some amount of contrast in your white kitchen. Dark-colored faucets and kitchen accessories can be a perfect way to make sure your kitchen looks glamorous without breaking the monotony of the white shade. Not just the faucet but also a dark barstool or pot filler or paper towel holder can be perfect for your kitchen. If you are willing to go a bit bolder, then go for dark tiles for the backsplash too.

A Statement Piece

To make your kitchen look stunning and for bringing in some dramatic contrast, you need to add some statement pieces in your kitchen that will enhance the style and the glamour of the place. For this, the kitchen island is the most obvious choice. This is anyway the centerpiece of your kitchen which can work as the focal point of it all. You can go for the darker shades statement look for the kitchen island so that it become eye-catching and offer a brilliant contrast with it. You can ask the store to offer you custom-designed islands while getting your RTA kitchen cabinets.

Dark Flooring or Terrazzo Tiles

The cabinetry and the walls are all white and bright, you can go for a darker floor for your kitchen. With the dark shaded or charcoal shaded tiles on the floor, you can make this work. Or you can bring in some more interesting contrast by adding a character to your kitchen decor with retro-looking terrazzo tiles. These tiles are the best ways to add a warm glamorous touch. These tiles are made of marbles, quartz, and epoxy helping the floor look stunning and brighter.

Darker Light Shades

For a kitchen to look stunning and welcoming, having the right set of lights is necessary. But when you are opting for some contrast, make sure you are choosing the light shades with a bit darker hoods. In your whole white kitchen décor, the black shades of the lights will stand out beautifully and will make your kitchen look stunning.

Add Fabric

If your kitchen is a traditional one with a huge window, then add Roman blinds with beautiful intricate work on darker fabric. This will break the monotony and make the kitchen look oh-so-welcoming. If you are a proud owner of a modern kitchen, go for a darker-looking area rug or dark cushions for your kitchen chairs.

So, now as you know about these interesting and amazing ways to add some contrast to your white kitchen cabinets, what are you waiting for? Find the best stores where you can find these things and go for it.

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