Using the best paint colors is one of the simplest and reasonable ways to give your home a makeover. Even if you have a small kitchen and you are planning to remodel it, you could consider manipulating with colors and intelligently use lighting to make your small German Kitchen visually look much larger than it actually is. So let’s see some tips or painting strategies using some colors that could make a small kitchen look more open and larger.

1. Use of neutral colors

Using white and other neutral colors is your best bet in a small kitchen. As white reflects light and also enhances the sense of space, while making the walls recede, you could think of including white not only on your walls, but also on your kitchen cabinetry, countertops, and the ceiling to give it a look of a seamless space that doesn’t have boundaries. You could use various shades of white and blend in contrasting textures to break monotony and make it interesting.

2. Add a punch

According to German Kitchen London trends, you could add dashes of bright color on some unexpected accents such as on windowsills or the inside parts of kitchen shelves. When sharp shades combine with white or light wall hues, your small kitchen would look more spacious and the combination of darker colors would add an interesting element too.

3. Decide on an accent wall

You should confidently use bold color accent walls in contrast to subtle off-whites. If you have a small kitchen, try painting one wall into a deeper hue than the rest. A darker color would create a look that a wall is receding into the background, thus enlarging a space.

4. Avoid huge contrast with countertops and cabinets

When you decide on color of countertops, shelves, and cabinetry, you should use colors that differ from the walls, but should not be a huge contrast. Opting for hues in the same color family is the best strategy. Without any abrupt transition from light to dark, your small kitchen is bound to look spacious and tranquil. Any huge or sharp contrasts in colors would create visual boundaries that can make your space look smaller. 

5. White ceilings

Do not follow the design trend of using colors on the ceilings, as that is not a good idea for small kitchens. A bright white ceiling looks like the space being higher and more spacious. Keeping the ceilings white also enables in reflecting light, thus enhancing the effects of natural daylight that might be present in your kitchen.

6. Use same neutral color for both the walls and trim

Never change the color your use for your walls and trim. As there are no gaps available in the trim, the ceiling would seem higher if you do this. This will also make a smaller space look larger than it really is.

7. Don’t use flat-gloss paints

Satin and eggshell enamels give a slight reflective surface that permits light to bounce back, and this could make a space seem larger. However, you could paint the woodwork and trim using a medium-gloss enamel. Don’t use flat-sheen paints, as they tend to absorb light, hence making your small kitchen feel even smaller.

8. Shades of gray

A monochromatic color scheme like use of various shades of gray would enable the eye to move freely in a small space. So you could opt for the lightest, mid-tone, and darkest hue on one color or paint card in your German Kitchen. Allocate the colors in a way that they balance and complement each other and also provide subtle contrast between various surfaces and finishes.

Other than colors, you could use different materials to your advantage. Several reflective surfaces like ceramic tiles, stainless steel, and marble countertops, subtly strengthen the effects of both natural and artificial light, thus enabling small kitchens look larger. Additionally, adequate lighting enhances functionality and makes your German Kitchen London expand and look bigger than it is.

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