Replacing Worn-Out Windows Is A Cool Choice For Autumn

When temperatures are mild, it’s easy to ignore or work around drafty, worn-out windows in your home or place of business.

But when Old Man Winter begins knocking on our door (usually right around this time of year in Colorado), the leaks and drafts are more difficult to overlook.

Sooner or later, those leaky windows will cost you more in terms of lost energy (and lost utility-bill money) than it would cost to replace them.

Smart Denver-area property owners know it’s a great idea to call the local window replacement pros before the energy costs associated with worn-out windows start to spiral upward.

Get in touch with a reputable, professional window installation firm, and they’ll not only take great care of you and your property… they’ll also know just which replacement products to recommend for your Colorado home or business.

(Spoiler alert: You’ll know you’re talking to the real local experts when they recommend Amerimax vinyl replacement windows, made right here in Colorado and designed for the unique challenges our climate presents.)

Replace your old, drafty windows with new Amerimax vinyl windows… have the job done right the first time by the local pros who specialize in these projects… and you’ll begin noticing the difference in comfort, beauty, and savings right away.

And here’s more good news: significant advances in the design and manufacture of these great window products over the past few years mean that your new windows will likely be more energy-efficient than the old ones were when they were new.

Only Colorado Windows Are Perfect For Colorado

Visit a big-box store or window retailer, and they might try to persuade you to take advantage of a “great deal” on name-brand replacement windows.

Make sure to ask where those “deal” windows are manufactured.

When windows are shipped from sea-level manufacturing plants to the Denver area, the insulating gas between the panes (typically argon) expands and contracts as the windows adjust to the higher Colorado altitude.

As a result, the windows often warp, and sometimes crack, under the pressure of this gas expansion.

Windows which are obviously damaged might be replaced before they’re installed in your home or place of business.  But beware!  Some of the damage caused by gas expansion might have occurred at the edges, or beneath the trim, where it’s difficult or impossible to see.

And that means your new replacement windows might already be less energy-efficient than they need to be… even though they’ve just been purchased and installed.

A reputable local installation company will likely catch damage to windows that you, as the customer, would not.  And if the company takes its reputation seriously, its installers will insist on an undamaged replacement before the installation begins.

But get in touch with the expert local installer first, and you likely won’t have any of these problems with your window replacement project.  Because they’ll recommend the perfect windows for your property: windows designed and manufactured in Colorado, specifically for Colorado.

You’ll want your family and guests to be as comfortable as possible in your home as the autumn entertaining season heats up.  So now’s the time to get in touch with your professional local window replacement experts.  You’ll have a warm feeling of comfort as your new windows start saving you some cold, hard cash.

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