Denver weather can be quite extreme. With the hot summers and cold winters, defective windows can be more than just an inconvenience or an eyesore; they could also be the cause of substantially higher heating bills.

Denver weather

When windows become difficult to open or impossible to lock, Denver window repair or replacement might be in order. Warped wood and panes, stuck windows, cracked glass, as well as normal wear and tear can all contribute to the deterioration of a window.

You could put up with these annoyances and find ways to work around them, but at some point they will have to be addressed. However, it might be difficult to tell if you should look for Denver window repair or have them replaced entirely.

Window Repair

Repairing a window can vary in price; however, there are possible downsides to this decision. Window parts can be difficult to come by, especially for older windows. Repair could be just a temporary solution that will either have to be repeated or eventually require a replacement anyway.

Window Replacement

In many cases, damaged windows are simply beyond repair.

If a window has any of the following issues, it is probably advisable to replace it:

• The upper or lower sash is no longer movable
• Cracked or broken glass panels
• Split or rotting muntins (strips between panes of glass)
• A rotting or missing drip (the exterior upper window shield)
• Cracked, rotting or loose exterior casing
• Missing or brittle components
• Water leaks

Window technology and design is continually improving. Since windows can account for 26% of heat loss, energy efficient windows are becoming more necessary. If your finances allow, window replacement is nearly always the best option. Initially, window replacement may be pricier than window repair, but you could save money in the long run with rebates and increased energy efficiency over time.

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