Generally used for storage, attics also help control temperature in a building. Attics are as important as any room in the house, thus, it needs to be regularly inspected and maintained as well.

Why do attics need to be cleaned regularly?

Aside from allowing easy and hassle-free space transformation or renovation if need be, a clean and neat attic space has multiple benefits to offer. These include the following:

It can prevent worst infestation in a home.

Unmaintained attic spaces are usually the ideal breeding spot of pests and insects. Pests like rodents and termites are not only a threat to your entire family’s health and safety, they can also weaken and destroy your house wood structures. Removal of rotten furniture and periodic cleaning in attics will contribute to a pest-free home.

It lets you spot areas that need repairs.

Unless you check on your attic regularly, major structural issues might have already developed before you know it. Periodic cleaning can help identify structure areas that need repairs preventing bigger problems and high costs later on.

If damaged roofs are left undetected, rainwater will flow inside and damage your home valuables during heavy rains or storms.

It helps check on your HVAC system condition.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are often stored in the attic. Providing your HVAC a clean and healthy surrounding will contribute to its long-term use and durability. During attic cleaning and maintenance, you will also be able to notice component problems in your HVAC system and call for early repairs.

6 ways to effectively clean attics

1. Remove dust and spider web in your attic space.

Before proceeding to your attic and start the cleaning task, make sure to gear up first and put on an air filtration mask to avoid inhaling the dust. It is also advisable to wear an apron, so your clothes won’t get dirty or acquire stains.

Cleaning tools such as a handheld hoover, sweeping brush and dustpan would also be very helpful in removing dust from your attic.

2. Declutter attic space by throwing away useless furniture or objects.

Materials that can no longer be recycled need to be thrown away. Hire a hauling service to dispose of the unnecessary furniture stored in your attic. This saves you space in your attic and prevents accidents from happening due to broken furniture.

3. Check for mold in your attic.

Mold determines a moisture problem in a room. When mold is present, it means you might already be dealing with a cracked caulk or leak in your roof. To remedy such a situation, make sure to fix the structural problem immediately. For best results, use the service of a seasoned repair contractor.

4. Apply pest control measures in your attic.

Pests may already be lurking in the corners of your attic. To eliminate pests and insects, use repellents and sprays. However, when it comes to worst infestation problems, allow a licensed pest control professional to deal with it.

5. Clear off rodent dropping.

After getting rid of rodents in your attic, make sure to clean off every rodent droppings left behind as this poses a threat to the integrity of your wood structures. The resultant air contamination can likewise pose health and safety risks to your entire household.

6. Organize your attic.

With proper arrangement, you can maximize space in your attic. You can now bring up new piles for storage while maintaining a living space for everyone who wishes to visit the attic.

One way to avoid creating clutter in your attic when looking out for some valuables is storing related items together and labeling them. Also, make sure to stack containers and boxes neatly and in order.

How can ceiling access panels help in cleaning attics?

Ceiling access panels are designed to provide easy and convenient access to crawl spaces or attics. During attic cleaning or maintenance, these panels allow entry to service personnel, so the job is done fast and without delay. Aside from preserving access to attics, an access door can also blend seamlessly with any ceiling finish, thus, solving your decor worries.

For your different needs, ceiling access panels can be removable/ adjustable, flush, fire-rated, recessed, gypsum-glass fiber reinforced, plastic, and draft stop. Additionally, there is a wide range of sizes available in the market today to suit various framing requirements. To easily clean home facilities such as your attic, invest in the installation of access doors. Using an access door is a cost-effective and affordable way to make your home significantly safer and healthier.

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