Most homeowners don’t have enough time to clean and maintain their outdoor living space. Others simply neglect to do their outdoor cleaning chores.

If you haven’t been paying a lot of attention to your outdoor space lately, you should start changing your ways. Otherwise, you’ll end up with damaged outdoor furnishings, dried up plants and a barren yard,

To make sure that your outdoor living space looks amazing all year round, simply follow the tips we gathered below.

Discard or repurpose empty containers

Empty plastic containers can potentially turn into hatching ground of disease-carrying insects like mosquitoes. If you spot plastic containers lying about, we highly recommend discarding as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can upcycle them by turning them into pots for your plants.

Give your outdoor furnishings and decors some TLC!

Garden furniture and decorations can instantly add to the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. However, because they often get exposed to extreme temperature and weather conditions, they tend to wear out quickly if you fail to maintain them the right away.

It’s sometimes tricky to clean outdoor furnishings because they’re made from different types of materials. You need to use the proper cleaning method and solution to avoid causing damage to your chairs, tables and other types of furniture.

Here are some key reminders when cleaning or maintaining your garden furniture and decors:

  • Instead of using commercial cleaners for your resin chairs, go for baking soda solution instead. Simply combine equal proportions of baking soda, vinegar and water.
  • To clean teak chairs or tables, we recommend using concentrated vinegar. Spray a generous amount of vinegar on the stained areas of your teak furniture. Use a soft brush to remove the dirt, gunk and molds.
  • To restore the bright color of your plastic furniture applies a coating of WD-40 or automotive polishing wax.
  • To clean your rattan or wicker furniture, use a soft brush or microfiber to wipe away dirt. If you’re dealing with stubborn stains and soil buildup, we recommend using a pressurized hose.

Grow a green wall

Many people are growing fond of setting up green walls, most especially in highly urbanised areas where very limited outdoor space is available. If you don’t have a yard or large garden to work with, creating a living wall is perfect for you.

The first step is to choose the right plants to grow. For example, if the available outdoor space doesn’t get enough sunlight, you can try growing coleus, begonia, nemesia, velvet Elvis or ivy.

Then, you should gather all the materials needed. The type of materials you need procure depends on the type, style and size of the green wall you wish to build.

Scrub your BBQ grills

Scrub your BBQ grills

A lot of homeowners forget to tidy-up their barbecue grills after the party. Forgetting to clean the grills is totally unhygienic. Plus, it also results in irreversible damage to your prized BBQ equipment.

After the guests leave, allocate at least 30 minutes to clean the grill.  Here are the key steps you should follow to keep your grill cleaning task quick and easy:

  • Disconnect the tank and remove the grates.
  • Dilute your favorite dish soap in hot water.
  • Soak the grates and start scrubbing the BBQ walls and hood.
  • Cover the heating element with aluminium foil to avoid damaging it.
  • After working on the hood and walls, you can scrub the grates and wipe the exterior walls and grill cabinets and drawers.

Work on your lawn or garden

Creating a dreamy landscape in your yard or garden can cost a fortune. Don’t let your investment go into waste by forgetting to maintain the plants, grass and other components of your garden.

You must create a definite schedule to clean and do a once-over of the place. Find time to trim the grass, apply plant fertilizer, remove unwanted weeds, prune the shrubs and remove dead plants from the plot or pot.

Additionally, you must take note of everything that needs your regular attention. For example, you may need to set alarms so you can water sensitive plants on time.

Pay attention to your balcony flooring

Dirt, debris, mildew, molds, and other sorts of material tends to build up on the surface of a balcony flooring. In most cases, these material build-up looks terrible and unappealing.

Before the organic material build-up continues to accumulate on your balcony flooring, you should start cleaning it with a powerful bleach solution. If the dirt won’t come off, use a pressurized steam hose.

Wash your outdoor textile and linens regularly

Colorful linens and textile add a unique charm to your outdoor space. Some of the most common miscellaneous textile or fabric materials you can find in an outdoor space include furniture cushions, accent pillows, slings, carpets, and outdoor umbrella.

Like your outdoor chairs and tables, fabric and textile decors also get exposed to various weather conditions. Wash them twice every month to remove ugly stains and to preserve their pristine condition.

outdoor cleaning and maintenance tips

With our outdoor cleaning and maintenance tips above, you can take care of your garden, patio, balcony and outdoor lounge with greater ease. Which of the tips we shared is your favorite?

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