Blocked pipes and drains are common household problems. Blocked drains create huge problems such as overflow of sinks, kitchen, toilets and a lingering stench. It creates an unhygienic environment and can lead to several air-borne and water-borne diseases. Therefore, clearing blocked drains becomes a matter of concern.

The Main Causes Of Blocked Drains:

Methods Of Clearing Blocked Drains
  • Washing greasy and dirty utensils in the sinks are a common cause of blocked drains and pipelines. When we clean the greasy utensils, the dirty and sticky water gets stuck to the inner lining of the pipes, which gradually increase with time. Prolonged collection of this grease and dirt, eventually leads to the clogging of the drains which leads to overflow and a foul smell. Thus, clearing blocked drains and pipelines become necessary.
  • Hair is the biggest cause of drain blockage. Hair gets stuck to the dirt in the pipelines and leads to blocking of drains. While shaving or bathing, hair flows with water and enters the pipelines but they don’t get washed away, especially long strands of hair. With time they accumulate in the pipelines and lead to drain blockage.
  • Soap is also a cause of drain blockage and clogging. But very few people know about it. Soap is manufactured from grease and fat which sticks to the pipelines and accumulates there. They stain the pipelines and block the drains.
  • Many homemakers dispose of leftover food into the drains and sinks. This is a very bad habit and a big cause of drain clogging. You should never dispose of tea and coffee because they don’t get washed away or do not get dissolved in water. They keep accumulating in the drainage pipes. Fatty and greasy food items should also not be disposed of down drainage pipes. This leads to blockage and overflow, resulting in clearing blocked drains in an emergency.
  • Sometimes small objects accidentally enter drainage lines through the commodes or sinks. They do not decompose and start to pile up along with dirt and grease. It can create a lot of issues if not checked in time.
  • Sometimes disposing of too much toilet paper also leads to huge blockage in drains. Disposing of sanitary napkins down your commodes can also lead to clogging which will require plumbing and cleaning of the drains.
  • Hard water can lead to natural drain blockage. The minerals present in hard water accumulate in the pipelines and with time lead to rusting and clogging. The only options are using a water softener or regularly descaling sediment build up.
  • Tree roots can also be a common cause of drain blockage. Roots can enter or grow in your drainage system through small cracks. They obstruct the flow of water and lead to blockage or even damage to the drainage system.

Methods Of Clearing Blocked Drains:

  • You can run down hot water for clearing blocked drains. Just pour hot boiling water into your pipeline slowly. It will wash away dirt and grease accumulation and unclog your drain and pipelines.
  • You can hire a plumber for clearing blocked drains and mending pipelines as sometimes professional treatment becomes necessary.
  • You can mix salt and baking soda to unclog drains. Pour salt and baking soda followed by hot water into your pipelines for clearing blocked drains.
  • Baking soda and vinegar also do magic in cleaning up clogged drains. The chemicals will remove hair, grease and dirt from the pipelines and help in clearing blocked drains.
  • To prevent hair from causing a blockage, you can fit proper guards in your sinks and bathrooms. This will prevent the hair from flowing into pipelines.

The above article can prove helpful if you are worried about your pipelines and drains getting clogged regularly. You can go through the article to get an idea of why your drains get blocked and what can be done as prevention.

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