Whether decorating a bedroom or renovating a living room, French furniture is always the best for the antique lovers. The finishes and fine details carved in the wood, and painted in soft colours is perfect for giving your ordinary home a lavish look.

From mid-century to modern days, French-styled furniture has faced many changes. The political history of France affected a lot in the minor or significant advancement of this furniture. Hence, today we have some unique styles that are the mixture of the styles of different historic eras’ furniture.

These styles never go out of fashion and give your home a chic look. If you wish to add such elegance to your home with the French style, here are some of the furniture tips to follow:

The traditional colours

For the antique interior look or to paint old furniture, colours like white, grey, rose and lavender are preferred. However, the colours include a variety of airy, creamy white and pastel shades of red, yellow and orange. These shades are mixed with other cheerful ones like golden, sage green, black, burgundy and sky blue. All these shades are used to give your chair and table, a classic vintage look.

The dining décor

Your dining area is worth to set up with classic French style furniture. Here you can add some directory wooden carved chairs with the same style of oval-shaped table, telling the story of an authentic era. Mostly, the directory furniture of an old period is made of elm, walnut, beech and fruitwood. Only the luxurious works are carved out of mahogany.

The chairs of this style are light, elegant and economical. This form is neo-classic and would add simplicity to your dining area. Apart from chairs and tables, you can place a styled restoration cupboard holding some French dishware.

Restoration-styled furniture hold thin and delicate mouldings decorated with floral garlands, ribbons, and bouquets. The cupboard of this style adds more elegance and vintage look of the 18th century to the dining room.

Style your bedroom

French bedrooms can give a calming presence to anyone. The beds styled in white, beige and light shades of grey provide a sophisticated, graceful look. Even dark wood beds with decorative motifs will look appealing. You can add gilded mirrors and graceful chandeliers to give a more lavish look to your bedroom.

Mostly, French country beds are simple in design. Still, when decorated with other fashionable highlights like the bed crown, side table with glass drawers and the luxurious linens, they give a whole lavish and calm look. Besides beds, there are many options for other spaces in the room to decorate it with French furniture. Like, you can add an antique dressing table or full-length mirror carved in wood.

For this, you can explore the market and find the vintage store where you can buy the old-fashioned French-styled furniture. It would be reasonable to purchase from the vintage stores, then modify and re-paint at home. You can put a lamp, flower vases or even candle holders to give a perfect look to your vintage dressing table.

The living room

Your living room is the area where you can put a variety of furniture like the golden iron table topped with marble or antique French stool covered in linens. Here you can add some bright colours like lavender or airy rustic colours to decorate your wooden pieces.

You can put Louis XVI chairs or a custom sofa covered in velvet damask to give a boastful French look to your house. Also, if your room is big enough, you can add a daybed designed in 18th-century woodcraft. On this daybed, you can put matching pillows that perfectly go with other furniture fabric material.

If your living area has a fireplace, you can add royal styled armchairs at the sides of it. And, a vintage mirror with faded white colour paint above the fireplace adds beauty to your rest area. A number of other options like a bookshelf or a corner table with drawers and holding a flower vase, etc. enhance the elegance of your room.

But all the number of furniture is depended upon the size of your living or drawing room area. If you have a small-sized room, it is better to add only some chairs, and a table or either adds a sofa with a little side stool.

The final word

French furniture is a style that never goes off the trend. Whether you like a golden carving or a calm white pattern, it always gives your place a luxurious or old-country look. So, if you are a vintage and antique lover, and thinking to style your home in such a way, then French country furniture is best.

No matter, if it is your living room, bedroom, kitchen or dining room, the furniture has its variety so that it can fit every place. This old century furniture will enhance your property value and look relaxing to your eyes.

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