Do you often feel that you have been born in the wrong era and that you don’t actually belong here? Well, it is understandable that sometimes, all of us feel that we are a little old school to accommodate the ideas and beliefs of today’s times. But you have to live on and go with your life. However, it is not the same with your kitchen. You need not have to stick to everything today’s if you don’t want to. With your kitchens, you have complete liberty to go back to the past and create something more traditional or vintage. In fact, vintage kitchen decors are quite popular and adopted by a number of people designing their new kitchens.

Are you thinking that designing traditional kitchens of the previous eras can be quite expensive? Actually not. You just have to pick and choose your elements and designs carefully. And you will be able to design something with an old world charm. And for your cost-cutting, you should try and get things from a wholesaler or look for lucrative deals such as the discount kitchen cabinet or Kitchen Island. But sometimes your ideas might backfire while designing an antique or traditional kitchen.

Here, we have put together a few common mistakes you are likely to make while designing an antiquated kitchen. Take a look.

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1. Not Bringing Elements from the Old Era

If you are going to call it a vintage kitchen and yet not induce vintage elements in it, then it is obvious that your kitchen design will fail. Don’t make the mistake of using modern elements in your vintage style kitchens. You must use items in your kitchen that resembles the past era as far as 1920s. Look for these little details and try to look for antique things to fill up your kitchen. It is these things that make a kitchen stand out and grab attention.

2. Using Bright & Quirky Color Palettes

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The color palette you use in your kitchen speaks a lot about the design of the kitchen. So, when you are designing a special kitchen like this, you need to make sure that you use the right color scheme to adorn this space and bring the theme come alive. For conventional style kitchens from the yesteryears, you cannot use a bright-hued, quirky style kitchen. It will not go with the vintage theme and look very odd. You need neutral tones or white hues for a kitchen like this. Shades like grey, beige, ivory, or creamy white can look beautiful on these kitchens and gives you enough opportunity to experiment and contrast other elements in your kitchen.

3. Choosing a Contemporary Style Cabinet

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One of the most important aspects of your kitchen design is the cabinetry. Your kitchen’s efficiency and functionality depend on the performance of your cabinets. But having said that, you must realize that this is not what you need just. While designing a vintage cabinet, you cannot buy cabinets which are just aesthetically appealing and functional but look quite contemporary in style.You must look for cabinetry designs which resemble the old bygone era. It should be able to take you back to those times. So, custom order these cabinets from a reliable company so that it can be just the exact of what you wanted.

So, without any more delay, you should quickly arrange everything and design the kitchens with vintage cabinetry options.

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