Window treatment adds a lot to a room and can accentuate its decor style. Curtains can also set the mood. Theatre-like drapes, for example, add drama. On the other hand, sheer curtains in soft colors do not draw attention but, instead, filter the perfect amount of light to set a bright but calm atmosphere. Whether you are using curtains to make a statement, control how much light fills a room, or simply accent a room decor, choosing the right curtain requires some thought.

Floral Prints & Watercolor Curtain

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1. Floral Prints & Watercolor Curtain

An easy and affordable way to spruce up your home this summer is by swapping out your old curtains with bold and unique prints. Floral drapes are the perfect touch to brighten up any space with many stylish designs to choose from. Classic floral prints add a touch of charm to traditional homes. For a fresh modern look, pair your floral curtains with light greys and soft whites. Highlight the space by pairing your favorite greenery and earthy wood texture for a botanical environment.

Who said curtains are strictly for windows? Opt in for watercolor inspired shower curtains. Give your bathroom that pop of color and add character to the space. Watercolor curtains features many fun colors and designs ranging from tribal inspired prints to artistic patterns and textures. Your options are endless when it comes to the watercolor curtain trend. They add an interesting visual pattern to small bathrooms while enhancing the space.

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2. Pom Pom and Tassels Curtains

The next big trend this year are pom pom and tassel curtains. Curtains talk and you definitely will make a statement with this window treatment. Cute and absolutely adorable in nursery rooms, pom pom curtains can be found in boho chic homes. Similar to colorful floral prints, pom poms are the perfect way to add that fun flare to your home. Pair it up with other unique designs and patterns for a bright and unique space.

Tassels are no longer confined to curtain ties. They’re too good to have just one use. You can find bright tassels on throws, pillows and even jewelry. They’re usually small but make such a huge statement in your home because of how fabulous they look in any given space. Tassels are not only beautiful but can easily be installed. Large or small, incorporating tassels into your decor should be your next DIY project.

Luxurious Silk & Velvet Curtain

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3. Luxurious Silk & Velvet Curtain

Accentuate your living room or bedroom with large luxurious silk curtains. Silk curtains speaks for themselves. They add sophistication and beauty to any interior space. When hanging your silk curtains, it’s best to start above the window and let them flow down until they sit right above the floor, allowing them to drag slightly. This will lengthen the room and create an elegant look. Silk is one of most diverse fabrics available for window treatment because it comes in a wide variety of textures and colors. The best feature of silk curtains is their softness; perfect for shabby chic homes.

Velvet curtains add drama to a space, especially when paired with other velvet furnitures and home decor pieces. For a glamourous look and lasting style, add accent gold furnitures and solid tone pillows. Layer your velvet with different textures to create a cozy and comfortable environment. Velvet curtains not only help with blocking out light but can also be used to hide walls or divide areas in large open spaces.

Pastel and Ombre Colored Curtains

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4. Pastel and Ombre Colored Curtains

The perfect way to add softness to a space is by using pastel-colored curtains. They can beautifully add an airy ambience, giving a room a flowy and relaxed feel. Add several layers of sheer pastels curtains to help keep your privacy while nicely filtering light into the room. Pastel curtains are simply adorable and a must-have in every home.

For a one-of-a-kind curtain, ombre is the way to go. It adds style to a space and looks amazing when paired with plain white curtains. Use alone as a statement piece for the room. It’s also great for showcasing large windows or openings, such as balcony. Ombre semi sheer curtains are a wonderful way to bring in light as the ombre color effect will filter in the slight cool color into the room.

Macrame and Linen Curtains

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5. Macrame and Linen Curtains

Macrame are quickly making their way to the interior design world. We see them used as wall decors pieces and hanging planters, ranging in sizes. Now with larger designs and exquisite detailing, macrame can be found as curtains and panels. With this trendy 70’s inspired design, you can create a charming beach vibe by pairing them with soft blues and neutral colors. Enhance the look by finding macrame panels with beads or decorative patterns in both floral and geometric. They add amazing texture to your living space. Large or small, this trending macrame panel is truly stunning.

Linen curtains, as we know them, are very special because they are lightweight and lend a nice, natural touch to a space. Natural linen curtains are a safe choice, especially if you’re looking for curtains made with organic fabric. Perfect in kids’ and nursery rooms, most natural linen are hypoallergenic and come in their natural texture and colors. Their soft and undyed color add that raw natural charm to a space while giving it a clean, earthy feeling.

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