Kitchen worktops have evolved significantly over the past couple of years. Between the several different types of kitchen worktop materials that you can choose form and the never-ending collection of colour and design options, homeowners are spoilt for choices. At the same time, the differences between the materials are almost night and day, with some offering more functionality while the others focusing on the aesthetics.

Often worktops can be customized to one’s will and wish. They have some purpose in being placed in kitchens such that it can maximize the overall efficiency of the person working in the kitchen. Thus, keeping this in mind, laminate worktops are one of the most popular forms of kitchen worktops such that it’s being commercialized because of the practicality it has to offer.

Most homeowners are willing to sacrifice on the indestructible stone surfaces to save on the overall cost and explore a wider range of colours. Hence, the features are of plenty when it comes down to shopping for laminate kitchen worktops in London.

There are several primary functions of these worktops that can fascinate you at the same time. To help you learn more about these fascinating features and what laminate worktops have to offer, this article will list some of the most exciting facts and features about laminate surfaces. So, without further ado, let’s get into the list.

Visually appealing.

Laminate-based surfaces, for lack of better words, are visually appealing with diverse colours and designs to choose from. These laminate worktops comprise of a wide range of styles that can adhere to any function or scenario that it might be used. Based on the budget, taste, and requirements, there are multiple options available.

For those that want a natural finish to their kitchen worktops without shelling out excess financial resources, then there are several kinds of wood finished laminates that can be used. Also, some patterns are engraved on the laminates to provide grain-like patterns to mimic timbers such as walnut and oak.

Also, the laminates can be customized based on the color, texture, and appearance of the laminate. If you fancy adding sparkles to the kitchen, then there are certainly laminates that can do so. Almost all the types of finishes that you might imagine can be achieved through laminates, which are not only visually appealing but provide a long-lasting effect as well.

Highly affordable.

Another exciting part about using laminates on your kitchen worktops is the affordability that it offers. You can choose from a wide range of laminates and still save considerably but still achieving the look and finish of the original. The quality of these laminates is guaranteed to last for a more extended period.

Often the prices start at somewhere around 60 pounds for a 3m*600mm*38mm laminate that can be customized and specialized based on your requirements and installed by a bespoke fabrication team to achieve the look that you desire.

Also, the edging strip that comes along with these laminate kitchen worktops London goes hand-in-hand to elevate the overall look and feel of the finished product. These strips ensure that you get a perfect finish and compliments the décor of the kitchen to ensure that the worktop gels seamlessly with the kitchen and not stand apart.

Low maintenance.

Often, with traditional worktop materials, you can expect it to wear or scratch and even break such that repairing it might cause a lot of expenses. But the same isn’t the case with laminate worktops. They are made up of fiberboard core with an additional layer of decorative film that is sealed with a laminate finish that is clear and hard.

The overall manufacturing of these laminates takes place seamlessly without any excess investment required. The terms low maintenance is given to these laminate worktops because of the seamless affair in keeping them cleaning. Just a wet cloth and wiping them down removes dirt and other impurities from the laminates making them good as new even after several years of usage.

Another interesting fact is that these are scratch-free and water-resistant. With adequate care and proper handling, they can last for several years comfortably.

Wide variety on offer.

Only with laminate worktops that you get a wide range of finishes that you can choose from. While some might be different from patterns, others might be different in the texture and finishing. Thus, all of which are given below.

  • Gloss – these are highly reflective laminates that are a popular choice in contemporary home kitchens. They have a high shine to their surfaces for reflecting light throughout the kitchen and making it airy and breathable.
  • Semi-gloss – it’s a compromise between gloss and matt. It’s a low luster finish that provides the best of both worlds — being reflective and matt at the same time.
  • Textured – these are premium finish laminates that comprise a sheen to produce a natural finish just like that of an oiled wood or that of a stone. The other type in matt involves a matt finish that mimics natural minerals and disguises small scratches effectively.

Try before you buy it.

Often looking for that perfect finish on your kitchen worktop is essential. Not because of the look, but you will be spending most of the time in the kitchen, and you want it to be unique. Such that with other materials, trying them out first can never be the case, but with laminates, you can try some of it and see whether it suites the kitchen or not.

You can choose laminate sample packs and see the final result of a small piece of the kitchen to have a glimpse of what the entire kitchen might look like.

Therefore, the above given top 5 features of laminate worktops prove to be quite interesting. These worktops, when appropriately used, can last ages and ensure that your laminate kitchen worktops receives the best and last longer than other materials. A complete guide to maintainence is, of course, beyond the scope of this article.

Hence, with a plethora of options in terms of styling options that are available, you can have a confused state of mind in deciding which one to choose. So, do the needful and all the best.

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