Even if you love living in a lively district and keeping yourself occupied, you  might also want that escape and retreat from all the busy-ness going on at the end of the day. Luckily, a landscaped backyard might be that heaven you’re looking for. But perhaps your mind’s objecting, “I have a small territory. It’s impossible.” A pro landscaping company says otherwise. Did you know that despite your backyard’s limited floor area, you could do something to transform it into a relaxing, cozy personal space?

Whether you’d use long and straight lines to trick your eyes that a small garden is actually bigger than it really is or use vertical plants to maximize limited floor space, they are both perfect. But for even more ideas, here are more suggestions from the pros.

How to Make a Small Backyard Cozy

Boost backyard interest to make it cozy. Mix up unexpected elements for a dramatic effect.  Try mixing lawn, paving materials, container plantings and hardscape that can add visual interest to draw anyone’s attention from your small backyard size. No one will notice it ever because of the visual creativity you’re putting into the design.

  • You must also choose a focal point, such as views of the seas, hills or meadows.   But if you’re living in the city with no natural views, create a focal point, such as a birdbath or a small statue. 
  • Choosing plants and flowers, you must learn how to color coordinate. For example, plants and flowers that have similar color shades create a feeling of coziness and luxury.  A landscaping company also recommends choosing multiple plants of the same variety because such can create richness, which is crucial for a small garden.
  • When it comes to furniture choices, look for cozy two-seater chair that can create extra space. Better yet, you might also want to go for furniture with patio umbrella to make the backyard even more inviting and cozy.

In all cases, making a small backyard luxurious and with a relaxing ambience is all about simplicity, coordination and choice of furniture, accessories and plants. If they match and complement each other, your small backyard might be the next big neighborhood hit for its elegant appeal and design.

How to Take Advantage from the Small Territory in Backyard

Maximizing the space is another crucial consideration when landscaping a small garden. To get the most out if it, try breaking the backyard into multiple zones with built-ins or by arranging furniture to help create distinct spaces. 

A smart lighting design would also help.  For example, use sconces for overall ambient lighting and landscaping lighting.

You can also play with the angles. For example, you can create a more hardscape space by turning the paving in a lateral direction to your property line. 

You must also avoid the clutter or using too many elements that will instantly give everyone a tight feel of the garden. For example, instead of using 10 small pots, use four or five large pots instead.  They can create a bigger impact and a cleaner look,

Also for a small space, it will be so easy to ignore the corners and other areas that do not get immediate attention. You can turn those areas into focal points, such as adding an oversized container, centerpiece tree or foliage plants and flowers.

Which Plants To Choose (Vertical or Horizontal)

Since maximizing a small space has been discussed above, let’s add info about the types of plants to choose – vertical or horizontal. For small backyards, it is not advised to use horizontal plants. Small backyards do not have much of horizontal space, so it is best you look for trees and shrubs that can maximize out interest, and ideas include dwarf varieties and columnar evergreens.

Another idea is to use a tray vertical garden. It looks like a nursery flat, but just more appealing.  It can be a plastic tray, which is divided into multiple planting cells. Make sure they’re slanted at a 30-degre angle and with each tray having a bracket for mounting. You might need a wood frame for a lovely wall art, too.  Finally, choose succulents, which root systems are shallow enough to survive the setup. You might also consider building multi-tiered planters, which are small   backyard planting solutions. An idea can be a multi-tiered planter with each pot on top of the other.

Hire a Landscaping Company

If you’re overwhelmed just by the thought of putting all the pieces together to create a masterpiece out of a small backyard, get design and landscaping help from the pros!    The experts are trained, knowledgeable and skilled to deal with any small space challenges.  They’re ready to help anytime, discuss plans and come up with suitable ideas and solutions to turn your landscaping project into an amazing reality.

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