Open space, sleek geometry, simple lines with little decorations characterizes modern kitchen design. A modern kitchen design serves as a cooking, dining and entertaining area. You will find clean tops and counters with wooden finish or tiles. The arrangement of shelves, kitchen cabinets and drawers is typically horizontal.

Modern kitchen design emerged after world war I. it underwent many transitions catering to the requirements of each era. New trends make their way with new furnishings, color combinations, materials, and other kitchen accessories. If you are planning on renovating or constructing your kitchen, here is a guide to what trends and inclinations 2019 have stored in for you.

1. Color palette

Color palette

The color of the kitchen livens up the entire era of the dining space and the living area if the kitchen has an open space design. Selecting the right shade is, thus, imperative. For 2019, the trending color is Cavern Clay. The whole color palette for 2019 assembles rich and bold shades, with an inclination towards darker shades.

You can opt for dark brown and grey, scorched orange, grubby blue, and other organic natural colors. Shades of black and sage may become the fad for kitchen color selection. You can also dare to go for petrol green and sage. Make a bold and loud statement with matching and contrasting double tones as copper, gold, ginger, and terracotta. Select ginger with grey shades does the trick beautifully.

Opting for a strong color to accentuate the look of RTA cabinets with corresponding lighter shade for countertop is pleasing to eyes. If you are a nature’s enthusiast, select diverse oak shades in wood furnishing and top it with a singular bold color to highlight the earthy tones.

2. Finishing materials and accessories

Finishing materials and accessories

Make sure to opt for high-quality kitchen material. Kitchen cabinets store NJ support a wide variety of materials like wood, glass, and stone, metal, concrete, ceramic, and organic glass to complement the entire look of your kitchen. With diverse choice in kitchen cabinets’ material to drawers, the knobs and handles in matte and gloss, the kitchen surfaces are going to play a huge role in accentuating the kitchen look.

A typical modern kitchen look in 2019 makes the use of handle-less drawers and cabinets for a neat and tidy look. Push-to-open kitchen cabinets and multifunctional drawers that allow easy storage solutions are a must. The integration of industrial touch to kitchen kit brings a rustic charm with open cabinets fitted with illuminated glass shelves. Highlighting with warm wood textures and dark marbled surfaces are hard to beat trends for 2019.

Quartz available in many warm colors is also a functional and aesthetic solution for countertops. Marble and granite are the classic trends that are expected to continue their presence in kitchens of 2019. Countertops in rustproof steel may also become all the rage with their easy maintenance and eco-friendly output.

Similar styles are trending their way regarding kitchen lighting solutions. A neat silhouette with a minimalist approach that enhances the overall functionality of the kitchen is preferred.

3. Go green

Go green

With everybody talking about the importance of greens in our lives, how can our kitchen be devoid of it? Another vogue for the 2019 kitchen is the introduction of living plants. The plants can be the usual herbs showcased in stylish pots and steel containers exhibited on natural wooden shelves. Alternatively, they can be displayed on one of the kitchen walls as a beautifully arranged ledge. This may be the only decoration a modern kitchen in 2019 may afford.

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