What comes to mind when you see the color combinations of red, green, and gold? Christmas, it is! 

If you’re decorating last-minute for the upcoming yuletide season, you can stick to these go-to schemes to make your home look a bit more Christmas-y. But if you want your humble abode to look a little different from the rest of the homes in the neighborhood (and from your Christmas décor last year), you may want to think outside of the traditional red-green-gold scheme and consider other equally festive themes. 

From sparkling silver and gold tones to fun and modern shades of pink and green, here are 10 inspiring color schemes you may consider when sprucing up your home for this upcoming holiday. 

1. Classic Metallics (Silver, Gold, Champagne, Rose Gold, Copper)

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No need to hire new home builders to renovate your home into looking like a grandiose mansion this Christmas – just let everything that gleams, and sparkles do the talking. 

When it comes to classic festive schemes, there’s nothing more charming than a sparkling combination of silver and gold. Make your display merry and bright with a variety with champagne, copper, and even rose gold in different finishes: matte, high-gloss, and glittery.

Punch up a classic green Christmas tree or a winter-inspired white tree with these twinkling tree ornaments, ribbons, and garlands. The shimmery shades also look splendid on your Christmas feast. Now is the perfect excuse to mix and match elegant tableware, flatware, table runners, and napkins for extra glam. 

2. Navy + Fuchsia + Gold 

Green and red, out – pink and navy, in! How about hanging an oversized navy and white sock? Or adorn your Christmas tree and garlands with deep pink balls and ribbons in multiple shades? These two deep jewel tones paired with gold will surely make your home look glamorous this holiday season.

Don’t forget to dress up your couch, windows, and tables with navy, pink, and gold textiles to make everything cohesive. 

3. Yellow  

Unless you’re somewhere in Australia (where Christmas is celebrated during the summer), you’re likely to associate Christmas with winter, and cool and gloomy weather. Add a warm, sunny vibe to your home with yellow accents: yellow tree ornaments, tableware, textiles, and candles. You can even add fresh citrus and citrusy scents to freshen up your home. 

4. Green + Pink

Mint and coral. Emerald and peach. Lime green and hot pink. Whatever that is, we can’t deny the strong chemistry between green and pink. This combo looks fresh, fun, and modern. For a punch of glam, add metallics like rose gold, silver, and champagne into the mix. 

5. Teal + Orange

Like peanut butter and jelly, these two contrasting schemes effortlessly work well together. The teal + orange combo is a cheery, unconventional, and modern take on the classic red and green Christmas theme. Hang patterned ornaments, metallic ribbons, balls, and flowers, frosted garlands, and fake gift boxes covered with fun orange and teal wrappers and ribbons. Dress up your throws and windows too. 

6. Purple + Aqua + Green + Gold

You may probably be thinking: your home may look like a scene taken straight out of Aladdin and that’s not what you’re going for. Well, it doesn’t have to be – you can use the bold colors sparingly and opt for luxe-looking materials to make your display look tasteful and festive instead of tacky. You can also opt for pastels to make everything look dreamy. 

7. Brown + White + Fresh Greenery

Want to have a rustic, log cabin-inspired Christmas display this year? Decorate with browns, whites, and greens. Opt for natural materials, like woodsy elements, real pinecones and flowers, fresh greenery, and wreath made of twigs. Don’t forget to decorate with candles and spruce up your mantel to warm everything up. 

8. All-white Décor

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Just because it’s holiday season doesn’t mean you’re obliged to go crazy with colors – you can opt for an understated elegance with white. Whether or not it’s snowing in your area, you can have a white Christmas of your dreams with all-white décor. 

Start with a white Christmas tree, and then adorn it with white, off-white, silver, and champagne ornaments. Add a little contrast with fresh greenery and woodsy details.

9. Silver + Ice Blue

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If you don’t mind the cold, you can throw a Frozen-themed Christmas celebration with this color scheme. Decorating with silver and ice blue, with hints of wintry details like frosted balls, snowflake Christmas ornaments, and white Christmas lights never fail to create a winter wonderland inside your home. 

10. Black + Metallics

Good news for black lovers: Black artificial Christmas trees are on the rise. Go ahead and pull off a sophisticated black and white décor without being judged by your friends and relatives. Adorn your black tree with metallic ornaments, like gold, silver, or glittery versions of your favorite colors, for an insanely posh holiday display.

Author Bio:

Carmina Natividad is a resident writer for Wincrest Bespoke, one of NSW’s most experienced and well-renowned home builders aiming at building and designing modern family homes in Sydney. She loves looking out for new home décor trends and writing articles focused in real estate and interior design.

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