Curtains or blinds make a significant expression in any room. They not only filter the daylight but also add warmth and make your space look wrapped up. Whether you’re wishing to add a bit of privacy, or simply need to adorn, curtains or blinds are probably the most ideal approaches to give an affection especially in bedrooms.

From blustery transparent linen to lavish hanging velvet curtains or waterproof fabrics for blinds, there are a number of options to suit your style. Here are some suggestions of bedroom shades that will change your space into a chic and comfortable retreat.


  • Striped curtains

Varying shades in vertical pattern, striped curtains look simple yet classy in any bedroom. This curtain design looks best on half transparent cloth or cotton. Moreover, the strips cover two colours – one is light and other is dark that can go with any design theme of the bedroom.

  • Vintage style

The old style from the 1800s in white linen fabric and which was hand-painted by artists can become the best vintage inspired theme. It highlights conceptual trees, creatures and view in three of exemplary paint colours like old white, paris gray and amsterdam green, and looks awesome against dark walls. The pale texture shading implies coordinating it with black-out lining, blinds or shutters.

  • Layer fabric

Layered curtain look creates an amazing lookin your bedroom design. It will make an expression of luxury even if you don’t spend a lot of dollars on these curtains. Choose two sorts of fabrics, one strong and one dingy and hang them on separated or double poles. The outcome is a pretty look that channels the light and offers privacy just as well as subtle shading.

  • Embrace pattern

If you like neutral themes, textiles give you the ideal opportunity to include a striking print – the ideal answer for anybody needing to infuse a little enthusiasm into a plain room in leased accommodation. Choose a splendid set of curtains in your favourite shading or pattern and select the colours matching the rest of the accessories in the room.

  • Floor-to-Ceiling

Long and rich, these blinds in perfect solid plain colours complement the floor in the best possible way. Here, muted colour choices make a calming and refined bedroom. As the name suggests, the curtains are adjusted in ceilings and reached till floor length.

  • Mix materials for dramatic look

In the case that you love the appearance of a texture or shading but are wary of using a single design, combine it with more different fabrics for balance in bedroom curtains. It’s a brilliant thought for anybody with a budget-friendly choice and you can also use the more costly material sparingly to create extraordinary impact. For a genuinely one of a kind look, decide a perfect blend and match with little research on textiles.

  • Taffeta window curtains

Box-crease ruffles on the unlined silk fabric blinds or curtains give you a feeling of imagination and fantasy. A delicate blue colour can make them feel much more ethereal. So, if you are the one who loves fantasies, this would be best suited to your bedroom.

  • Tassel detailed curtains

Your present bedroom design plays with colours, patterns, and textures. So, bordered or fringed window hangings that are playful with the classic prints can be a perfect choice. Tassel detailed curtains are for those who like classical or traditional themes.


  • Roman blinds

These are an excellent choice for blocking the light but make sure your roman blinds come up with blackout linings. Moreover, you can make roman shades without dowels if you are looking for a DIY approach. There are additionally such techniques that don’t include sewing also.

  • Vertical blinds

Not the best kind of blocking light blinds if you have to block out as much light as possible but also by picking a solid fabric they will do a great job. And, these blinds will offer some light passing through the holes between the fabric strips and between the rails.

  • Wooden venetian blinds

Wooden venetian blinds look great in a bedroom and you will get light getting through the holes between the strips and through the gaps where the rope goes through. But if you want to block light blinds, you can go for the “privacy wooden venetians”. They are specifically designed for bedrooms. No holes and slats close tighter to reduce the maximum amount of entering light.

Curtains vs. Blinds

Now, if you are confused over  which is better – curtains or blinds, there are different factors to consider. While the curtains will give you better light control, blinds give the option to let little light enter the room. If you set a blackout blind, it makes longer and more extensive than the window to limit light entry. Curtains are best to install close to the roof or even better with a pelmet above to prevent light from entering. On the other hand, blinds cannot be installed with pelmets but work better to view the scene outside.

It all depends upon the design and theme of your bedroom where in which both work better. However, it can be a matter of personal choice and you should select by considering the pros and cons of both blinds and curtains.

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