Paneling has come a long way from when we were younger.  There are several different types, styles, colors, and woods available.  It can change the way a room looks and you can also change it from light to dark or dark to light.  You are able to cover up wall paper and you can even create designs.  There is also tongue and groove paneling, wood paneling can stand up to the most demanding families.

Wood Wall Paneling

Barn wood siding is excellent for rustic wall or ceiling paneling.  Beams and dimensional lumber can also be sewn to produce excellent skins for a variety of siding, paneling and trim material to be used on walls, ceilings or any other area needing reclaimed wood paneling.  You will see paneling used in summer rooms or refinished basements.  Trailers also use quite a bit of paneling.  There are several places where you can purchase paneling, it could be at a local do it yourself store, a hardware store, or even on line.  When you start you project review how much material you will need so you can purchase it from the same lot it was made.

They said that paneling is an easy do it yourself project when you want to try your hand at remodeling.  Pick a small room and try it out on one or two walls.  Then you can paint an opposite walls to add color to offset.  Once this is complete you are able to accent with wall mirrors or wall racks to complete the look and to create some space saving options.  If you want prints in your paneling it is now available and if you wanted to lighten a room then you would use a paneling that has a light background.  So, the next time you want to take on a remodeling project and want to try something different then consider paneling.  It has improved greatly over the years and can cover a multitude of sins on any wall.  It’s biggest advantage is that it is easy to remove and if you want you can also paint it to change the color.

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