Planning for small space can be fun yet challenging. You need to have a strategy that saves space and shouldn’t be overwhelming. Small spaces can easily clutter quickly without you realising. It so happens that you realise it when you know there are going to be guests at home. It becomes frustrating to declutter and arrange everything back in its place.

This blog might help you with the tips and tricks of using a small bathroom space efficiently and become comfortable with it.

  • Cosmetic Drawer: This drawer will have it all. It’s the amazing pull out cosmetic drawer that will have all your items. You do not have to search for things and get frustrated.
  • An Appliance Drawer: Small spaces in bathroom demand for efficient and clever placement of required things for the bathroom. The appliances like hair drier, hair straighter, trimmer etc. come with wire connections which are the clutter makers in the bathroom. In small spaces they are a mountain of work to declutter and keep it in a proper place. The solution to this, is the appliance drawer. This drawer will keep the wire of the appliance away from making a clutter. All you have to do is use whichever appliance and put it back in its place.
  • Mirror Cabinet:Having a mirror in any bathroom is a must. It’s the first sight of the day when you look at yourself and begin your day. A clean mirror with a cabinet that has all your necessary items organised. Mirror cabinets are great space saver. It’s a multi-layered cabinet consisting items from first-aid kit to mouth wash.
  • Under the bath: Make use of unused space like under the bath to store dry items like paper towels, unwrapped soap, items related to tub etc., the pull out drawer will have all the items that will not get wet and get damaged.
  • Multiuse of Ladder Racks: Usually you see people using ladder racks to hang towels but it can also be used for hanging magazines, storage pouches, laundry bags, etc., Surely this is not a news to you, but if you have a ladder rack in a small bathroom space, you can use it in multiple ways without any hassle.
  • Minimalistic Approach:sometimes, even a small storage drawer becomes bulky, a slim line bathroom storage that can be moved around or can be placed anywhere in the bathroom. Storage basket is also a minimalistic approach that makes the bathroom look good as well as helps with the clutter.
  • The Pull Out Laundry Drawer: Laundry drawers might sound new to you. Sometimes the laundry basket can occupy space even though the basket can be placed anywhere in the bathroom. But drawers are a smart approach to hide the unclean clothes from the guests if they are staying over.
  • Shelve It: Make shelves in a small bathroom (remember the shelves need to be placed where water doesn’t splash on it) to place bath robes, towels and extra soap in for the guests or yourself. Shelves are a smart way to organise things in the bathroom.
  • Floating table: Sinks that are floating can give you space to place laundry basket, or place toiletry that can be handy and comfortable. Floating table or floating sinks are easy to spot any leakage in future as well.
  • Large Cupboard: Cupboards in a small space can be troublesome but very efficient. One cupboard can have all the things that you require, from first aid to bath robes everything. One solution, and one place that has everything in it. Having said that, if you are concerned about the damage of the cupboard due to moisture, remember to build a cupboard that’s water resistance.
  • Use a Stool:The Stool is a versatile yet an important item in the bathroom. In case you do not feel like standing, you can use the stool for a bath. The stool can be used to store your towel and can be used to keep your phone and listen to music while having a great bath.
  • A trolley in the bathroom? It’s just too versatile and comfortable. This small trolley storage can have everything that’s most important for you. It’s a magical tool that will have your toiletries and hair styling equipment’s. If you don’t need it in the bathroom, you can put it outside or you can move it to the other corner of the room.
  • An attractive glass jar: You can be even more organised by having a glass jar or a transparent jar. If you think it’s a pain to buy a new jar for the bathroom, reuse one the glass jam jars, or a mayonnaise jar to store bathroom essentials. These jars not only make the items organised but looks really attractive when you look at it.

Take Away

These listed out ideas can inspire you make a decision for things you need in your small cute bathroom space. You can cleverly organise your bathroom by using shelves, cupboards, trolley, stool, laundry bag, etc., if you want more information, read here how you can make your bathroom feel bigger. They are helpful in making your bathroom more organised.

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